Most Popular Bookies in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the countries that have legalized gambling, rendering it exceptionally popular. The number of punters here increases every day, mainly because many exceptional local and foreign bookmakers offer their services to them. While most Ukrainian bettors indulge in this delightful endeavor for fun, others are driven by the desire to connect with their pals and make new ones.

There's also a portion of gamblers who wager on sports to alleviate stress from their daily jobs, studies, or personal relations. Some bettors in Ukraine have the worst gambling experiences. But many others relish this activity to the fullest. So, what exactly do successful punters do differently?

Most Popular Bookies in Ukraine
Local Bookmakers vs Online Betting Sites

Local Bookmakers vs Online Betting Sites

To begin with, they look into a specific sport before they bet on it. This enables them to find out the top teams or players worth wagering on based on factors such as recent performances and the odds provided by their bookie.

Besides, thriving bettors in Ukraine are objective. These individuals don't let their feelings impact their wagering decisions no matter what. So, for instance, a brilliant punter can't bet on a team solely because they admire its players. It's not a good enough motive, and it could lead to massive losses.

Local Bookmakers vs Online Betting Sites
History of betting in Ukraine

History of betting in Ukraine

Ukraine's first legal brick-and-mortar casino was established in the 1990s, shortly after this country was declared an independent state following the Soviet Union's collapse. After that, more casinos were started in various big cities. However, the gambling market was shut down about two decades later.

In 2009, a gambling house in Dnipro, Ukraine's fourth-largest city, went up in flames, resulting in the death of nine individuals. This provoked several communities to demand an immediate ban on betting, and the government gave in. It prohibited citizens from visiting land-based gambling halls or online casinos to bet on sports.

Lotteries were still authorized, though. But unfortunately, they weren't enough to cater to the varied needs of all punters in this country. This led to the rise of illegal gambling operators offering betting services to Ukrainians ready to take the risk to revel in the excitement of this venture.

In 2020, things changed for the better for Ukrainian punters after the legalization of gambling. Some of the first betting providers to receive their licenses were SpaceX and its Cosmolot casinos, Game Dev and Parimatch.

History of betting in Ukraine
Betting nowadays in Ukraine

Betting nowadays in Ukraine

Sports betting in Ukraine is definitely more stimulating than it was many years ago. While some punters still delight in betting at brick-and-mortar casinos, most prefer doing it at online bookies with their laptops/PCs or smartphones. Fortunately, they have full access to countless of these platforms. And they don't need to utilize VPNs and other IP hiding software to sign up and place wagers.

Experienced Ukrainian punters are famed for being careful when selecting bookies. They hope to locate the best ones and avoid those likely to give unsatisfying services. What precisely do these bettors pay attention to when grading bookies? The following are the top aspects of an exclusive sportsbook.

Diverse betting markets

A great sports betting website offers a wide range of markets for gamblers to take advantage of. Of course, top sports such as football are a must-have, and the less favored ones should be available. But, again, providing these games is not enough – their odds must also be friendly.

Special promotions

Offers are necessary for any dedicated punter because they make betting more accessible and worthwhile. This is why most knowledgeable bettors in Ukraine watch out for them. Top-rated bookmakers have hefty bonuses, including welcome packages, cashbacks, and reload offers. Besides, these promos come with reasonable wagering requirements and are available to new and existing registered members.

Punter Safety

Here's another feature of a top-class betting website. Without security, punters can't be comfortable signing up with a bookie, depositing cash, and making bets. It's also impossible for them to trust that their personal info will remain concealed or their withdrawals will be successful.


Ease to use is also worth considering when hunting for a dependable sportsbook in Ukraine. It should have a mobile-responsive site with trained multi-lingual customer service experts to help punters navigate it.

Betting nowadays in Ukraine
Future of betting in Ukraine

Future of betting in Ukraine

The Ukrainian betting market is still in its youth, as wagering on sports was only legalized a few years ago. Yet, there's little doubt that its potential is limitless, especially because there's a legal framework designed to protect both sports bettors and providers.

More gambling operators are expected to come on the scene to serve the high number of bettors in this country. Speaking of which, these punters won't be leaving anything to chance because they already know how great it feels to win a bet.

Whether Ukraine's legal gambling age will remain 22 or be reduced to 18 or 21, as in most countries, is still a mystery.

Future of betting in Ukraine
How can you tell if a Ukrainian sports betting site is legitimate?

How can you tell if a Ukrainian sports betting site is legitimate?

Punters are expected to pay an 18% personal income tax whenever they win bets. Luckily, there are no VAT charges. However, the Ukrainian Commission is reviewing this legislation, so the Tax Code could be amended to favor sports bettors.

The law protects Ukrainian gamblers' interests, and it has taken several measures to help them get satisfying experiences. For instance, local gambling entities must offer content in Ukrainian. If one encounters any issues betting online, they'll have an easier time resolving them in their first language.

On top of that, bettors can comfortably distinguish between foreign and Ukrainian bookies because the latter's domain names must end in ".ua".

Gambling advertisement

Licensed gambling companies in Ukraine can market their services to their target audiences, but there are some restrictions. For instance, it's illegal to advertise betting offers on TV or radio between 6.00 am and 11.00 pm. Other no-go zones are print media unless the publication specializes in gambling activities, theaters, concerts, and places frequented by persons below 21.

Besides, betting ads in Ukraine are prohibited from overselling or implying gambling is an alternative income stream for unemployed individuals. This helps the government avoid issues such as addition that could affect the well-being of the society at large.

As per Ukrainian law, 15% of a gambling advertisement should comprise a visible warning message to remind punters to bet responsibly.

How can you tell if a Ukrainian sports betting site is legitimate?
Betting acts in Ukraine

Betting acts in Ukraine

In 2020, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy proposed bill 2285-D, which most members of the Ukrainian parliament passed. This law permitted all betting activities in the country. It also affirmed the government had created a comprehensible system to regulate gambling ventures. Therefore, punters can now bet on sports without any worries since the authority has their back.

The Ukrainian law requires gambling operators to obtain licenses before they begin serving bettors. Typically, these documents are valid for 5 years and can be renewed at the cost of UAH 39 million, but this amount may vary depending on the services offered.

Punters should never bet at unlicensed gambling companies as things could go south quickly. For instance, these betting providers' operations can be shut down at any time. If a punter had already funded their betting account, they could lose their hard-earned cash.

The Ukrainian government has made the acquisition of licenses straightforward, and they are usable to open up to 10 online casinos. Still, these firms must provide the necessary documents, including an audit confirming the availability of capital (UAH 30.7 million) in full. In addition, evidence they have secured a place in a four or 5-star hotel is critical.

Betting acts in Ukraine
Ukrainian bettors' favorite games to bet on

Ukrainian bettors' favorite games to bet on

Most bookmakers in Ukraine provide at least 20 markets. Soccer scores high in popularity with punters here, as in many parts of the world. It's common to find them wagering on international tournaments' matches and the Ukrainian Premier League.

Esports betting is also a rapidly-growing sports betting market in Ukraine. Bettors have many options, including:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone
  • Valorant
  • Starcraft II

Additional sport games that punters bet on here are:

  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • MMA
  • Ice hockey
  • Boxing
  • Tennis

It's safe to say that Ukrainian punters don't favor the same sports when placing bets. Therefore, each gambler is responsible for doing what it takes to improve their betting experiences, depending on the games they like. Check out some of the things they can consider to achieve this:

  • Comprehend the types of wagers they can place
  • Learn how to read their most-liked sports' odds and calculate potential payouts
  • Choose only the best bookies capable of meeting their betting needs
  • Research the game they plan to bet on to know favorites and underdogs
  • Create a realistic gambling budget if one plans to bet with real money
  • Understand the steps to follow when placing a wager
Ukrainian bettors' favorite games to bet on
The best bookmaker payment methods in Ukraine

The best bookmaker payment methods in Ukraine

Every serious punter in Ukraine should pick a secure and reputable payment method to make deposits and withdrawals. What options do they have? Well, tons of them, including:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfers
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • EcoPayz
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

A gambler must learn how a payment method works before using it on an online betting platform. This prevents them from making blunders that could cost them their cash and adversely affect their betting experiences.

For instance, if one opts for a bank transfer, they need BIC and IBAN numbers to move funds successfully. In addition, they should master how to execute the payment manually. Those choosing e-wallets like Skrill ought to comprehend the process of setting up accounts with these systems.

Besides, it's best to select a payment method that supports the UAH, this country's official currency. This provides convenience since one doesn't have to adjust their gambling budget to pay the required conversion fees.

Notably, various payment brands don't serve Ukraine yet, such as Klarna and Trustly. Punters should know them as it makes it easier to weigh their viable options when they visit their betting websites' payment sections.

The best bookmaker payment methods in Ukraine


Is sports betting authorized in Ukraine?

Yes. Betting enthusiasts in Ukraine are free to wager on many sports, such as basketball, football, and esports.

Are there any casinos in Ukraine?

Yes. Ukraine is home to more than 40 brick-and-mortar casinos. In addition, there are also countless online sports betting websites serving gambling lovers in this country.

What's the legal betting age in Ukraine?

Only punters aged 22 and above can indulge in gambling in Ukraine.

How can Ukrainian punters bet on sports?

It's straightforward for bettors in Ukraine to bet on different sports. But, first, one needs to pick a convenient land-based or online betting platform offering the markets they're looking for and place their wagers.

Can bettors in Ukraine access offshore betting platforms to wager on sports?

Yes. No harm will befall Ukrainian punters betting on sports at foreign betting sites.

How can punters be safe when betting on sports online?

Sports bettors in Ukraine can be safe if they take the necessary precautions to ensure their security. For instance, one can settle for only licensed online betting websites with several top-tier safety measures or protocols. They can also refrain from sharing their online casino account login details.