Most Popular Bookies in Netherlands

Choosing an online betting site to register an account with might be difficult for some, especially with so many sites available. It is important that players register with a reputable operator. Since operators in the Netherlands are already subject to regulation under the Remote Gambling Act, Dutch gamblers don't have to worry much when choosing a licensed bookmaker.

However, locating an online betting service that permits Dutch users to place bets in Euros is also crucial to avoid paying exorbitant currency rates. The greatest betting sites are known for providing new customers with a welcome bonus or other sign-up rewards. Players need to investigate the services provided by the most reliable betting sites.

Most Popular Bookies in Netherlands
History of betting in the Netherlands

History of betting in the Netherlands

For generations, betting has been a part of Dutch culture. There is some proof of organized betting from as early as the 1700s. The State Lottery of the Netherlands is the world's oldest operating national lottery since its establishment in 1726.

However, sports betting and all other forms of gambling were illegal by the early 1900s, except for the state lottery. This enforcement lasted up to the 1960s when sports betting became a second state monopoly in the country.

Gradually, the government softened its stance on gambling. The country passed new legislation allowing betting on horse races. In addition, lottery and casino games were authorized, albeit under a monopoly. Dutch players were able to participate in the first gambling operator by the mid-1970s.

In the late 1990s, the Netherlands Gaming Control Board was established to oversee all forms of gambling in the country. The goal of this new corporation was to take control of the country's six betting monopolies. These were all of the different legal formats of gambling in the country.

The Dutch government believed that by having a single business handle each aspect of the betting industry, they would be able to keep tabs on the quantity of gambling and supervise the betting companies' actions.

Betting nowadays in the Netherlands

Betting has grown in popularity over the last several years worldwide. The internet and online betting are the major reasons for this growth. The growing popularity has pushed many governments worldwide to change their gambling policies or legislation to allow anyone to participate in this type of gaming. The governments are also conducting these regulations to avoid missing out on taxes to illegal operators.

Legislation to legalize online betting in the Netherlands began circulating in 2015. The intention was to divert players away from other European betting sites and make the Netherlands a regulated local market. The Remote Gambling Act was debated over several years but eventually passed in February 2019.

But the Dutch authorities took some time to launch the regulated market. According to MPs, the new act was supposed to go into effect in July 2020, with the market starting in January 2021. However, because of some delays, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the law did not take effect until March 2021. Starting October 2021, the first regulated Dutch betting sites opened their operations in the nation.

Betting bonuses available to Dutch players

There are fantastic promo offers for Dutch players. The betting bonuses that players get are determined by the website where they register to play games. Welcome bonuses, cashback incentives, monthly promotions, no-deposit bonuses, and deposit bonuses are all available to players.

Unlike no-deposit bonuses, most bonus categories require users to deposit to qualify for the bonus. The no-deposit bonuses will award the player various freebies. These rewards include free spins and free money, all of which are provided at no cost to the player.

History of betting in the Netherlands
Future of gambling in the Netherlands

Future of gambling in the Netherlands

More foreign betting operators are likely to be granted a license to operate in the Netherlands by the government. The legalization by the European country is a massive step toward breaking the state's gaming monopoly. Al operators must follow tight standards before and after being awarded licenses. Failure to follow these criteria could result in the company's closure or block listing.

The Dutch government is considering lowering the tax rate on internet gambling. The low taxes will definitely increase competition among betting providers in the country.

Furthermore, there would be some form of agreement with these online gambling businesses to keep gamblers out of trouble. These agreements aim to limit gamblers' playing time since gambling is an addiction that can ruin a person if they are not careful. That is what the Dutch government is attempting to avoid. National registration is in use to keep track of gamblers in the nation.

What has changed from the course of history in recent years?

Previously, the Netherlands was one European country that refused to allow online betting operations. But now, the condition of gaming in the Netherlands is clear. The Dutch Gaming Authority is the primary regulatory organization in charge of all gambling activities in the country. Gambling is currently totally legal in the Netherlands, and anybody over 18 years old can participate.

The Netherlands is one of Europe's largest markets for online gambling, even though only a few operators choose to base their operations there. Netherlands Gambling Commission now has online gambling licenses for many of its most prominent online gambling organizations.

Future of gambling in the Netherlands
Betting legislations in the Netherlands

Betting legislations in the Netherlands

The Dutch betting sector has been reformed with respect to the Remote Gambling Act (KOA), which went into effect in 2021. Thus, online betting is legal in the Netherlands. Dutch players can choose between local licensees and international bookies licensed in the country. Similarly, players can look for operators not licensed in the Netherlands but with reputable licenses.

All authorized bookmakers in the Netherlands have financial duties to the government under the existing licensing scheme. Every online operator must pay a uniform 20% GGR tax. Additionally, a further 2% must be paid to the KSA and the gambling fund. Operators receive a 5-year license. It is also a requirement for every licensed bookie to send data to the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). The data is used for gambling addiction research. Also, all licensees must register with the local self-exclusion scheme CRUKS, Central Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen.

Betting acts in the Netherlands

A lot has changed for numerous gaming websites since the Remote Gambling Act in 2021. Online gambling is now officially and fully permitted, paving the route for even more international competitors to be granted licenses. Big international names like bet365 directly reach out to and serve Dutch gamers freely.

But there are rigorous guidelines for the providers to follow. Players are required to set maximum credit limits on their online sports betting accounts. Betting operators are also required to implement responsible gambling strategies.

All operators operating in the Dutch market are required by the law to delete their previous player databases if the players decide to leave. Furthermore, commercials are prohibited from targeting vulnerable groups and are not allowed to run between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily. Also, customer service representatives must be fluent in Dutch. The operators must verify the identities of Dutch players before completing any registration.

Betting legislations in the Netherlands
Dutch players' favorite games

Dutch players' favorite games

Football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. The massive number of players who have dazzled in the national team's signature orange jersey have influenced this popularity. The Eredivisie is the country's highest league, with Ajax, Feyenoord, and PSV among its illustrious members. The English Premier League is the most popular globally, with numerous betting markets.

The UEFA Champions League is another popular competition among Dutch punters. The competition provides several significant matches throughout the season. Dutch Eredivisie champions are automatically qualified for the competition group stage. The second-placed team goes through the qualification stages. All these matchups add thrills and more opportunities for punters to bet on football.

Hockey is ranked second on the list of popular betting games among Dutch punters. The Netherlands proudly hosted the 2014 Hockey World Cup at The Hague. The country has won the tournament three times. The event brought people from all across the country together to cheer for their country. It provided an excellent opportunity for punters due to the widespread betting odds.

Other popular games

Field hockey is another popular betting sport. The Netherlands' national team has shown great potential by winning 17 medals at the Olympics. Volleyball is also quite popular among bettors, who make their wagers on popular events such as the CEV Champions League.

Cycling events like the UCI Track Cycling World Championships are also popular with some players. The country has won over 40 gold medals. Local bettors are also becoming more interested in combat sports such as kickboxing. Esports games are also gaining traction in the Dutch betting scene.

Dutch players' favorite games
Payment methods in the Netherlands

Payment methods in the Netherlands

The Dutch government attempted to control the market by blocking transactions with internet bookies in the past. The internet gaming market, banks, and payment service providers, on the other hand, were not interested, and the government's efforts were in vain.

Using a bank card is one of the quickest and easiest options to deposit. Players can use the bank card to finance a betting account in the same way they make online purchases. The funds should show in the betting account, ready to spend, as soon as the user inputs the card information and completes the request.

Traditional bank transfers are also available as a deposit option at most betting sites in the Netherlands. This allows users to electronically send money from their bank accounts to the gaming site. This is a common way to conduct more significant transactions without the need for third-party services.

Online and digital payments

iDEAL is an online payment service that allows individuals to send money from their bank account to Dutch bookies quickly. There is no need to register a separate account, and it automatically connects to the bank's web gateway, allowing players to make secure and fast payments at iDEAL.

Skrill is one of the most widely used electronic wallets in the world. Players may deposit money into their wallets in various methods and then use it to make bets. Skrill also allows users to withdraw cash and keep it in their walletS, which is ideal for transferring funds between websites.

Payment methods in the Netherlands


What is the best betting site in the Netherlands?

There are several top betting providers currently operating in the Netherlands. Different providers offer different games and also different payment options. Similarly, different players have different tastes. Thus, choosing the best betting site will be dependent on each person.

Is it legal to bet in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, online betting is legal. Operators may now offer secure, legal, and regulated Dutch betting sites to players all around the country, thanks to the Remote Gambling Act.

Which are the most popular sports among Dutch punters?

Football, volleyball, and field hockey, among many others, are among the sports on which players can bet.

Do gamblers in the Netherlands have to pay taxes on their winnings?

Winners are required to pay a betting and lottery tax in the Netherlands. The betting providers in the Netherlands have a mandate to withhold the betting and lottery tax from the award.

Are there bonuses for betting in the Netherlands?

The best betting sites in the Netherlands have some great rewards for their customers. The most common bonus is the welcome bonus which new players receive when they register with a betting site. However, despite the numerous promotions, players should be keen to note the conditions that come with each bonus.

Can players wager at foreign betting sites in the Netherlands?

Yes, players can wager on any betting site as long as it operates legally in the country.

What is the legal gambling age in the Netherlands?

Players must be at least 18 years old to register at any betting site in the Netherlands.