Best Sports Betting Sites in Lithuania 2023

Since its legalization, online sports betting in Lithuania has experienced a boom in popularity. With the growing popularity, plenty of international bookmakers offer sports betting services to Lithuanians. However, compared to the international market, local online sportsbook sites offer limited services. Lithuanian players frequent these offshore platforms in order to access a wider selection of sports.

According to the current online gambling law in Lithuania, online gambling is legal. There are legitimate online casinos that have obtained the proper licenses from the online gambling authority of Lithuania. International casinos that do not have a valid online gambling license from Lithuania may be barred from operating on the country's territory. However, some qualify to operate in the country on the basis of cross-border trade agreements.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Lithuania 2023
History of Betting in Lithuania

History of Betting in Lithuania

Before 1992, betting in Lithuania was a distant concept as the country was part of the Soviet Union, where betting was prohibited. But with the Latvijas Loto's introduction in 1992, the landscape changed. Lithuania witnessed the legalization of online gambling sites in 2001, driven partly by the Catholic church's influence. This marked the onset of both local and international sports betting sites in Lithuania becoming accessible to locals.

However, the real boom in sports betting Lithuania experienced began around 2015. As thousands of locals registered on platforms, the government took prompt action to ensure safe and secure online betting Lithuania experience for its citizens. With the 2016 amendment of the Gaming Law, online sports betting was fully legalized.

Despite attempts to block unlicensed Lithuania betting sites, some significant platforms continue to bypass these restrictions. But, with the Gaming Control Authority overseeing online gambling, there's an added layer of security for players. Notably, as of July 1, 2021, all gambling advertising, including free betting in Lithuania promotions, was banned, ensuring a safer betting environment for everyone.

History of Betting in Lithuania
Future of Betting in Lithuania

Future of Betting in Lithuania

A crucial debate between the European Union and Lithuania is expected. This is because the European Union has indicated its preference for open online sports betting markets. With unlicensed bookmakers being blacklisted by the Gaming Authority, many might say it is the cause of limited online sports betting options.

Restrictions on the operations of online sports betting in Lithuania are strongly criticized by the European Commission. This sets the stage for further changes in the legislation, which will probably make the situation for European operators more favorable and lenient.

Currently, remote betting permits are only made available to operators that are also licensed to offer land-based betting. This is, however, expected to change with the introduction of a specific online license. This license will be available to online sports betting operators without any kind of tethering requirement.

Lithuania's betting industry has already shown remarkable growth. According to figures from Lithuania's Gambling Supervision Service, in 2022, the country generated €195.8 million in gross gaming revenue, a 43.8% increase from 2021 and nearly double the amount from 2018. Remote gambling, including sports betting and online slot machine games, accounted for a significant portion of this revenue, with a 62% share.

These statistics indicate a thriving betting scene in Lithuania, marked by substantial growth across various segments, including football betting, esports betting, and traditional slot machines. The introduction of specific online licenses is expected to further stimulate the local sports betting market's growth, leading to a more diverse range of betting options.

Future of Betting in Lithuania
Legislation on Sports Betting in Lithuania

Legislation on Sports Betting in Lithuania

In Lithuania, licensed bookmakers are allowed to offer sports betting services. These bookmakers are typically European companies with offshore licenses. Bookmaking is not banned in Lithuania, but the regulatory authority has blacklisted certain operators over time.

The regulation of online sports betting began in the early 2000s with Law IX-325 in 2001. This law set the legal foundation for betting activities and was updated in 2016 to include online betting regulations and a blacklist for unlicensed operators.

The Gaming Control Authority, established in 2001, handles licensing for all betting operators in Lithuania, with licenses that don't expire.

Major Legal Acts and Policies on Sports Betting in Lithuania

In Lithuania, betting is legal based on the player's age. There are different age limits for different types of games. For bingo and the lottery, players must be 18 or older. However, for casino games and online sports betting, the age limit is 21.

The Gaming Control Authority, under Lithuania's Ministry of Finance, oversees all gambling activities and grants licenses within the country.

To get a license, online gaming operators need a specific amount of money: $1.2 million for casino games, $289,000 for online sports betting, and $144,000 for online racing betting. The government must also approve the establishment of places for slot machines, bingo, and betting.

A new fee structure has been introduced for licenses. License holders must pay $1 million and an additional fee based on the license type: $300,000 for slots, $100,000 for bingo and sports betting, and $500,000 for remote play.

Only local businesses that meet financial and capability criteria can obtain licenses. The laws also regulate how sports betting companies should operate.

Legislation on Sports Betting in Lithuania
Best Sports Betting Sites in Lithuania

Best Sports Betting Sites in Lithuania

When you're hunting for the best sports betting sites Lithuania has on the menu, you must know what you're looking for. Let's break it down:

  • Reputation: BettingRanker’s top sports betting sites Lithuania listings only showcase the crème de la crème. Ensure the site you pick has glowing Lithuania sportsbook reviews.
  • User Experience: The best betting sites Lithuania offers should be easy to navigate, whether it's through a betting in Lithuania app or directly online.
  • Variety: From football betting Lithuania passions to esports betting Lithuania trends, the wider the range, the better.
  • Bonuses: Who doesn't love free betting in Lithuania? Look out for generous welcome bonuses and regular promotions.
  • Safety: Secure online betting in Lithuania should be your top priority. Stick to licensed and regulated sites.
Best Sports Betting Sites in Lithuania
Major Sporting Events in Lithuania

Major Sporting Events in Lithuania

Lithuania has a rich sporting culture, with various major sporting events taking place in the country. Here are some of the most significant sporting events and competitions:

  1. Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL): Basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania, and the LKL is the country's top professional men's basketball league. It has produced many international stars and hosts thrilling games throughout the season.
  2. King Mindaugas Cup: An annual professional club basketball competition, this cup serves as the Lithuanian men's basketball national cup competition. Named after Mindaugas, the first and only King of Lithuania, it's an essential part of the country's basketball calendar.
  3. Lithuania Football A Lyga: This is the top-tier professional football league in Lithuania. Football may not be as popular as basketball, but it still has a substantial following, and the A Lyga is the pinnacle of club football in the country.
  4. Lithuania Marathon: Held in various cities across Lithuania, the marathon attracts thousands of runners and enthusiasts every year. It includes various distances, making it accessible to both professionals and amateurs.
  5. Baltic Chain Tour: A professional road bicycle racing stage race held annually in the Baltic states, including Lithuania. It draws international and local professional cycling teams.
  6. Krekenavos Road Race: This annual bicycle race in Krekenava, Lithuania, is a popular event within the local and regional cycling community.
  7. Lithuanian Open Tennis Championships: This tennis event brings together some of the best national and regional tennis players, providing an excellent platform for upcoming talents.
  8. Baltic Basketball League (BBL): While not exclusively Lithuanian, many Lithuanian teams participate in this professional club basketball league, which includes teams from the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  9. International Basketball Tournaments: Lithuania often hosts or participates in various international basketball tournaments, given the country's strong basketball tradition.
  10. Junior and Youth Championships: In various sports like basketball, football, athletics, etc., Lithuania organizes and participates in youth and junior championships, focusing on nurturing young talent.

These events represent the rich sporting culture in Lithuania, with basketball being a dominant force. Other sports are also gaining traction, making Lithuania a diverse sporting nation.

Major Sporting Events in Lithuania
Lithuania players' favorite games

Lithuania players' favorite games

Lithuanian players, much like their counterparts in other parts of the world, have a wide range of gaming preferences. Here's an overview of the favorite games of players in Lithuania:

  • Basketball Betting: Basketball is incredibly popular in Lithuania. The country has a rich history in the sport, and it has produced many talented players who have succeeded both in European leagues and the NBA. Thus, betting on basketball games, especially those of the national team and the local LKL league, is a favorite among Lithuanian bettors.
  • Slot Machines: Both online slots and those in land-based casinos are popular. Their simplicity and the chance of winning big prizes with small stakes attract many players.
  • Poker: Poker, especially Texas Hold'em, has seen a surge in popularity over the years. Many Lithuanians participate in local tournaments, play in online poker rooms, or enjoy casual games with friends.
  • Table Games: Traditional casino table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat have a steady base of players. These games are available in both land-based casinos and online platforms.
  • Football Betting: While basketball might be the most popular sport, football (soccer) also has a significant following. Betting on European leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League is common.
  • Lotteries: National lotteries are quite popular. The chance to win massive jackpots with small ticket purchases attracts a broad audience.
  • Horse Racing Betting: While not as popular as other forms of sports betting, there's a niche audience for horse racing, especially for major international races.
  • Esports Betting: With the global rise of esports, Lithuania hasn't remained behind. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends have their dedicated fan base, and betting on these games is on the rise.
  • Bingo: A classic game, bingo has a loyal set of players in Lithuania, both in physical bingo halls and online platforms.

These are the primary games and betting activities that Lithuanian players engage in. As with all forms of gambling, preferences can evolve based on trends, economic factors, and technological advancements. However, basketball, being deeply rooted in Lithuanian culture, will likely remain a favorite for many years to come.

Lithuania players' favorite games
Payment methods in Lithuania

Payment methods in Lithuania

Lithuanian players have a number of payment methods available. Online sports betting players can choose from a wide range of debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency. Skrill, Epay, and Qiwi are the most popular payment methods. Lithuanian players prefer these methods due to the fact that they deliver instant deposits with no additional fees.

Before choosing a specific payment method, several factors need to be weighed. These factors include transaction speed, safety, security, fees, and bonuses.

  • Credit and debit cards: This is the most commonly used option. Online sports betting operators also prefer this method the most. It is a safe method for such transactions and has low fees.
  • E-Wallets: Although not the commonly used, it is the most convenient payment method for online sports betting. Transactions are usually instant. This is for both withdrawals and deposits. This method, however, comes with higher transactional fees.
  • Online bank transfers: Bookmakers allow for withdrawals through bank transfers. This method is known for its safety due to the banks’ security measures. Bank transfers, however, have long processing periods.
Payment methods in Lithuania


At BettingRanker, we're dedicated to ensuring that your betting journey is both enjoyable and profitable. Our comprehensive list of top sports betting sites in Lithuania is the result of meticulous research and expert analysis. We consider factors such as odds, variety of games, user experience, and customer support to present you with the cream of the crop. Visit our recommended casinos to start your winning streak today!



Everything you need to know about casinos

Are online sports betting platforms legal in Lithuania?

Being a part of the European Union, only licensed online betting platforms are legal in Lithuania. However, international sports betting platforms are free to obtain licenses from the Gaming Control Authority of Lithuania.

Do Lithuanian bookmakers accept cryptocurrency?

Yes. Betting using cryptocurrency is not specifically regulated in Lithuania. Depending on the payment methods a bookmaker accepts, players can participate in sports betting activities using cryptocurrency.

Are player winnings taxed in Lithuania?

Not at all. Online sports betting players in Lithuania are not taxed. Players receive their winnings in full amounts. Only licensed bookmakers are subject to the government's 15 percent tax.

Do online sports betting sites accept Euros?

Yes. Due to the licensing system that exists in Lithuania, several companies are operating specifically for the country. In this way, it is possible to find online sports betting sites accepting Euros, which allows players to be exempt from conversion fees.

What bookmakers are available in Lithuania?

There are numerous bookmakers, and each is attempting to expand its service to new countries to gain customers. As a player, you should first ensure that the bookmaker of your choice is licensed and regulated by the Gaming Control Authority in Lithuania. This should be done before they offer their services.

How does a player sign up for an account with an online sportsbook?

Each bookmaker has their own set of required details and documents that will be necessary before a player can look at opening an account with their service. Mostly, these details are an email address, username, password, and payment method.