Most Popular Bookies in Azerbaijan

Betting has been around for centuries in Azerbaijan. It was once considered illegal; it’s hard to say how far back this tradition goes in history or what its roots might be. Azerbaijanis have had an intriguing passion for sports betting that is centered around football. All major sports events are available for fans to wager on, including tennis, horse racing, golf, boxing, and greyhound racing.

Nevertheless, Azerbaijanis are more passionate about football, including the national championships that the country qualifies for. There is also an enormous interest among local bettors in betting on live matches and the outright English Premier League odds.

Most Popular Bookies in Azerbaijan

Most punters prefer sports betting apps to websites. That said, the country has a booming gambling sector of its own with scores of virtual sportsbooks. Some of the top bookies accepting Azeri gamblers are owned and operated from abroad. While it is advisable to register at multiple sites, it is more important to choose the best odds and offers like welcome bonuses.

Legal bookmakers for Azeris are licensed locally and in offshore territories such as Curacao and the Isle of Man. European and Russian sportsbooks are popular among Azerbaijanis. Despite their origins and different markets, players continue to expect international providers to deliver a wide spectrum of events and bets, intuitive user interface, and reliable payment methods.

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History of betting in Azerbaijan

History of betting in Azerbaijan

Even though Azerbaijan is mainly a Muslim country, betting has been legal since 1991 when it was declared independent from USSR. However, games like the lottery predate independence. In 1998, several scandals caused the government to ban most gambling activities except the national lottery.

The president issued this ban after his son allegedly got into a $6 million debt from a Turkish tycoon. As a result, there was a crackdown on all casinos and other gambling houses. Even though the ban had stopped all sports betting activities, a big black market burgeoned eventually.

After years of searching for an effective solution, the government decided to legalize gambling again in 2011. But this time, it was to be operated by a state monopoly known as eTopaz which also provides online betting services. However, players were required to pay 10% of their winnings as tax. But to evade taxation, most Azeri players shifted to overseas sportsbooks which provide an extensive range of markets and better odds.

History of betting in Azerbaijan
Betting nowadays in Azerbaijan

Betting nowadays in Azerbaijan

There are three legal forms of betting in the Republic of Azerbaijan today namely the state lottery, bingo, and sports betting. Sports betting, which is run by Caspiantech CJSC (eTopaz), operates on the legal grounds of ‘Physical Education and Sports’ law. Lotteries and Bingo are offered by state-owned monopoly Azerlotereya OJSC.

It is illegal to bet on unlicensed betting sites from abroad, but Azeris are not apprehended for doing so. Some foreign bookies have reportedly been blocked by the government to protect the citizens. Gambling rules in Azerbaijan may not apply to tourists, illegal immigrants, and ex-pats. As such, non-citizens can bet freely without facing domestic law.

As noted earlier, Azeri punters love foreign bookmakers as they are more competitive and do not charge taxes. How sports bettors place their wagers is changing by the day. Mobile betting eliminated the need for visiting a physical betting shop. Furthermore, sports betting apps free players from the shackles of their home computers.

As a result, they can bet on live sports whenever they want regardless of their location. All they need is a mobile app, sufficient data, and reliable internet connectivity. This is no surprise to sports betting fans who’ve tried the sites listed on this platform. The websites are safe and mobile-ready.

Betting nowadays in Azerbaijan
The future sports betting in Azerbaijan

The future sports betting in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijanis are free to bet on sports through any online bookie as there are no strict restrictions for online gambling. But something should be done to boost the industry, e.g., lessening the powers of the state-run monopolies. If only more bookmakers would be granted licenses, local players would be more confident placing their bets, knowing there is transparent legislation that supports them.

This would be an economic boost because the government would benefit from more taxes. All in all, the future of gambling laws in Azerbaijan is uncertain. It’s up to the government to use its power in deciding the direction that the sports bettings sector should take in the next few years.

Because of international influence, the future of sports wagering in Azerbaijan is headed for in-game bets. Another likely trend is micro-betting. Bettors look forward to leveraging real-time statistics for every game at a bookmaker. All bookies may start issuing odds on such events as individual at-bat outcomes, the next team that will score a touchdown, or total points for basketball players.

There are endless possibilities and they translate to more revenue for bookies and more Azeris watching sports. The future of sports betting lies in the combination of mobile technology and affordable, reliable internet access.

The future sports betting in Azerbaijan
Betting legislation in Azerbaijan

Betting legislation in Azerbaijan

The legal minimum age for betting is 18. Online and offline casinos are considered illegal in Azerbaijan but those who bet on international sportsbooks do not face any legal repercussions. Every bettor who registers with eTopaz betting platforms must pay a 10% tax on their winnings while the operator pays 6% as income tax.

The levy doesn’t apply if one is playing at international sports betting sites. Luckily, there are no restrictions on the methods of payment at online bookies. Even though there are no specific bingo laws, the game is allowed and its legality is based on the law on lotteries. However, Azerlotereya imposes restrictions on how and where bingo should be played.

Online gambling

The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan states that only specific types of bets are legal, i.e., sports betting, bingo, and lottery. The rules have nothing to do with online gambling; hence, it’s a grey area in Azerbaijan. Ministry of Economic Development oversees both land-based and online betting but hasn’t issued any licences to online casinos. This means online casino games are illegal. So, those who wish to bet at foreign sites must take extra precautions by making sure that the platforms are safe and trustworthy. The government of Azerbaijan cannot step in to protect them in case of fraudulent activity or data breach.

Betting legislation in Azerbaijan
Betting acts in Azerbaijan

Betting acts in Azerbaijan

Betting is partially legal in Azerbaijan. A presidential Decree issued in 2001 declares that the Law on Lotteries and the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan number 525 are the guiding principles for all gambling activities. The lottery legislation was amended in 2021 and came into effect in January 2022. The amended law redefines lottery, electronic lottery, virtual lottery, winnings, lottery terminals, ticket sellers, and a virtual environment.

Article 2 of the Law on Lottery considers lottery to be any form of computer-generated lotto tickets that are based on real sports or similar events. A lottery offers a betting opportunity and must be accompanied by winnings. A virtual environment encompasses information and telecommunication systems, mobile networks, and the internet. A lottery terminal is an automated facility for selling or distributing lotto tickets.

The gambling law recognizes eTopaz as the only authorized provider of sports betting services including online bookies. The operator organizes sporting events such as the elite football division and later distributes sports development funds whereby football gets over 30% of the total proceeds. Online sportsbooks got an official status in 2010 and are regulated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Sports betting licenses are valid for 10 years.

Betting acts in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan players’ favorite games

Azerbaijan players’ favorite games

The legal status of sports betting in Azerbaijan enables residents to bet freely after watching their favorite teams and players on TV. Even though eTopaz poses some limitations on the type of bets players can place, it doesn’t mean Azeris cannot take their game to international bookies. Among their favorite sports betting options are:

Football and soccer

Azerbaijan’s sports wagering industry is dominated by football betting. Online bookies targeting Azeri players run markets for major football divisions, leagues, and teams across the globe, including national teams and semi-pro events in Europe. Azerbaijan is especially famous for sponsoring shirts featuring Atletico Madrid, a Spanish powerhouse club.

Even though none of the home champions have made it to FIFA World Cup, several players used to be stars before the Soviet Union was dissolved. Azerbaijan Premier League is well-liked by locals, but soccer attracts lots of interest, particularly in international divisions like La Liga, French Ligue Un, Serie A, Brazilian Campeonato, and the EPL.


Volleyball has had a strong legacy in Azerbaijan since the 70s. Their Women's national league is among the most prominent on the planet, with strong clubs like Azerrail Baku ad Telekom Baku taking an international stage.

Other sports

Gamblers in Azerbaijan have access to dozens of sporting events including:

  • Wrestling- European and World Wrestling Championships
  • Chess- the European Team Chess Championship and Chess Olympiad
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Aquatic sports
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Bowls
  • Darts
  • Boxing
  • Esports
Azerbaijan players’ favorite games
Payment methods in Azerbaijan

Payment methods in Azerbaijan

It is unfortunate that most foreign sports betting sites do not accept AZN or Azerbaijani manat. But numerous reliable payment methods allow seamless conversion of the currency to globally acceptable coins like GBP, EUR, and USD. Azerbaijanis can choose from these alternatives:

Wire Transfer

It is an old-fashioned money transfer method that works well at most online sports betting sites for Azerbaijan players. It is among the few transactional methods that do not impose limitations when transferring huge sums, hence perfect for high rollers.

Direct Bank Transfer

The best part of direct banking is that it combines the ease of online transfer with the instant processing of mobile payments.

Credit/ Debit Cards

Bank cards are probably the easiest ways to deposit funds into online sports betting accounts. Reliable sportsbooks accept MasterCard and Visa cards but the transactions may incur small fees.


Virtual wallets are free to open. They provide extra security because they disguise the original financial data of the user. The best options are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are taking the online gambling world by storm. Thousands of sports betting websites now accept Bitcoin and Azeri players are not left behind on this.

Payment methods in Azerbaijan


Are foreign betting companies allowed to operate in Azerbaijan?

No. Foreign bookmakers are prohibited but they operate, nonetheless.

What is the best sports betting site in Azerbaijan?

Gamblers must ensure that they have chosen a bookie with generous odds, bonuses, and a secure platform. Leading sports betting apps provide hundreds of pre-match markets and some options for live betting. The more the markets, the more enjoyable the experience is.

Why do Azeri players prefer mobile betting?

Mobile-friendly sites are fast and reliable. Most of them are downloadable on iOS and Android devices. Their quality is the same or even better than desktop versions. What’s more, they have quick links to favorite teams or top games of the day on the homepage. Betting for a new event can be done with a single swipe.

Do sportsbooks accept Manat?

Local sportsbooks allow players to choose AZN as their preferred currency. When betting at international sites, domestic players will need to convert AZN to an acceptable currency.

Is it possible to bet on Marathonbet from Azerbaijan?

Yes. Players from Azerbaycan are welcome to participate in Marathonbet. They’ll have access to daily promotions, lucrative odds, and diverse markets.