February 12, 2024

3 Can't-Miss Cross-Sport Prop Bets for Super Bowl 58

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and along with the traditional betting options, some sportsbooks are offering cross-sport prop bets. These unique bets allow you to combine the excitement of the Super Bowl with other sporting events. If you're looking to add a new layer to your Super Bowl LVIII betting experience, here are three can't-miss cross-sport prop bets to consider:

3 Can't-Miss Cross-Sport Prop Bets for Super Bowl 58

1. What Will Be Higher: Jimmy Butler Points vs. BOS or Super Bowl 58 First-Half Points?

In this prop bet, you can wager on whether Jimmy Butler will score more total points against the Boston Celtics than the Chiefs and 49ers will score in the first half of Super Bowl 58. Butler has been performing well for the Miami Heat this season, but he has struggled against the Celtics. On the other hand, both the Chiefs and 49ers have strong first-half offenses. Based on their recent performances, it's likely that the teams will outscore Butler in the first half.

Best NFL Bet: Super Bowl LVIII First-Half Points (-145)

2. What Will Be Higher: Canucks Goals vs. Capitals or Deebo Samuel Targets?

This prop bet compares the number of goals scored by the Vancouver Canucks against the Washington Capitals to the number of targets that 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel will receive in the Super Bowl. The Canucks have a strong offense, but they have been struggling to score goals in recent games. On the other hand, Samuel has been a key target for the 49ers and is expected to have a significant role in the Super Bowl. Based on his recent performances, it's likely that Samuel will receive more targets than the Canucks will score goals.

Best NFL Bet: Deebo Samuel Total Targets (-130)

3. What Will Be Higher: Patrick Mahomes' Longest Completion or De'Aaron Fox Minutes Played vs. OKC?

In this prop bet, you can bet on whether Patrick Mahomes' longest completion in the Super Bowl will be longer than the number of minutes that De'Aaron Fox will play against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Mahomes is known for his big plays, but the 49ers have a strong defense that could limit his opportunities. On the other hand, Fox has been playing a significant number of minutes for the Sacramento Kings and is expected to have a prominent role in the game against OKC. Based on their recent performances, it's likely that Fox will play more minutes than Mahomes' longest completion.

Best NFL Bet: De'Aaron Fox Total Minutes (-115)

These cross-sport prop bets offer a unique and exciting way to enhance your Super Bowl betting experience. Consider these bets and make your predictions for Super Bowl 58!

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