Best Sports Betting Strategies to Use in 2021



Sports betting can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be frustrating for a punter if things do not go his way. Punters are fast embracing the fact that strategy holds the key to improving their chances online. Online bettors can do to help make their sports betting experience a lot better.

Best Sports Betting Strategies to Use in 2021

Such include setting betting limits, managing the bankroll properly, and using the right sports betting site. The bettor should also find and use effective betting strategies. Some of the best sports betting strategies employed in 2021 are highlighted below.

Matched Bets Strategy Matched betting is perhaps the easiest betting strategy that punters can use. This strategy requires the punter to place a set of bets on the same event. However, the big catch for this betting strategy is that it relies on free bets.

Most online betting sites usually offer free bets and other bonuses, which players can utilize in this strategy. It works for all sports but is best for those that can end in only two outcomes. Events that have the highest odds will also be favorable to the punter.

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

This strategy usually aims to exploit the differences in odds in different sportsbooks. Odds typically keep on changing as various factors affecting the game’s outcome keep on changing. In some cases, the change can be high enough to give returns.

The arbitrage strategy takes advantage of the delays in some sportsbooks regarding changing the odds. The winnings are usually minimal but can be accumulated for bigger returns.

Kelly Criterion Strategy

This strategy is most commonly used in the financial markets but also works quite well in sports betting. It aims to exploit the variations between probability and odds. All a punter needs is to determine the odds value. The punter can then vary his stake as per the probability and odds variation. There are mathematical formulas that the punter can use to calculate the odds value and the overlay.

Odds Boost Strategy

One of the methods bookmakers use to attract new bettors is boosting odds. Bettors can take advantage of such odds boosts to increase the amount of their potential winning. This strategy only works to improve the amount of winning but does not alter the probability of winning in any way.

However, bettors should note that most sportsbooks usually have good reasons for raising particular odds. The increased odds might be an indication that the outcome for the odds will not be positive.

System Betting Strategy

This betting strategy requires punters to cover their bets with different betting lines instead of using an accumulator. With accumulator bets, losing one bet means that the entire bet slip will lose. With system bets, you will cover all the best outcomes such that losing one bet does not necessarily mean the entire bet slip loses.

Chasing Steam

Chasing steam is a strategy that relies on the significant movements in the betting market. For example, if the odds are significantly moving, it may be because many professional gamblers and betting syndicates are placing wagers on one side.

Bookies usually change their odds in such situations to minimize their payouts. The strategy assumes that the professional bettors and betting syndicates who cause the fluctuations in odds have a good idea of the likely outcome. A punter can thus use that knowledge to bet.

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