Unibet Bookie Review 2024 - Tips & Tricks

UnibetResponsible Gambling
BonusBonus $500
Wide variety of games, including live dealers.
Generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.
Mobile app for gaming on-the-go.
Fast and secure payment options.
Wide variety of games, including live dealers.
Generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.
Mobile app for gaming on-the-go.
Fast and secure payment options.
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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Betting may be a fun hobby, but putting a sports bet with Unibet may add more fun, security, and benefits to the activity. Here are some tips and ideas to help you have more fun when you spend your time betting on sports at Unibet.

Be Wise With Parlays

Parlays are an attractive bet in Unibet due to their weekly parlay boost. T

The Unibet Weekly Parlay Boost gives people who make parlay bets more money when they win. As long as each leg of the parlay has odds of at least -500, you have full control over the sports and markets you choose. Every week, you'll get tickets that give you a 10% profit boost on a 3-way parlay, 20% on a 4-way parlay, and 30% on a 5-way parlay.

However, a wise online sports gambler knows better than to place parlays most of the time. Parlay betting involves multiplying your stake by the chances for each selected result, which can be as many as you'd choose. What I mean is this:

You staked $10 on the Toronto Raptors (2.45), the Miami Heat (1.60), and the Boston Celtics (1.75). All three teams had odds of at least 1.60. $68.60 will be paid out if each team wins, making this $68.60.

In addition to multiplying the odds for each conceivable event, you also multiply the "juice" placed on each betting line. Each outcome has a 10% juice linked to it for the bookie to make money. When the odds are added up, the excitement increases. As a result, the bookmaker has a larger advantage, and you, the bettor, have a lesser expected value.

Bettors may still find an excellent parlay bet by finding three decent wagers where the value of each play is above the juice, even for a losing bettor.

It is a good rule of thumb to avoid placing a parlay wager if you wouldn't make the same bet on each leg. Adding more legs to a parlay will make it impossible to earn a large "potential payout." Only bets with a positive expected value (EV) can be added.

However, it's wiser to place individual bets on each outcome you desire rather than rely on a parlay in the long run.

Take Advantage Of Unibet's Cash Out

You can settle a bet before it ends using the Cash Out feature. Rather than jeopardizing all of your gains, you may safeguard a portion of them this way. If things aren't going well, you may also quickly part with your losses and receive some of your money back.

Unibet allows customers to cash out on a variety of markets, including

  • Over 20 pre-match football wagers
  • In-Play football bets, including Half/Full Time and Correct Score)
  • Outright football markets, such as winner and relegation
  • Outright tennis markets and place 1-2 wagers

Make sure the Cash Out option is accessible by looking for the Cash Out emblem on the bet slip when you place your wagers.

Refer-A-Friend To Get More Betting Opportunities

You can currently earn a generous Unibet bonus by referring a friend to the site.

To take advantage of this Unibet referral offer, you'll receive $25 for every new customer you suggest. This Unibet refer-a-friend offer can be used up to five times. The Unibet refer a friend campaign might reward you with up to $125 in additional betting cash if you bring enough friends to the site.

All of Unibet's betting choices are covered by this refer-a-friend incentive. Unibet refer-a-friend offers are available for popular sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Another Unibet refer a friend promotion allows you to use the site's extensive library of video slots and baccarat games.

The Unibet refer a friend incentive necessitates some cooperation between you and your pals. To take advantage of the Unibet recommend a friend promotion, they will need to open an account and deposit a minimum of $25.

Fortunately, putting this Unibet recommend a friend promotion into action will not be too difficult for you to do yourself. Refer a friend is as simple as clicking the link in the Unibet website's upper right, entering your friend's email address, and then sitting back and watching as they join up and deposit money.

Unibet Signs Deal with Ajax

Unibet Signs Deal with Ajax

After parent firm Kindred secured a license to conduct business in the Netherlands in May, Unibet launched in July. Kindred had stopped operating in the Netherlands before the market opened, joining several other operators that did the same to comply with Dutch government regulations.