October 31, 2023

The NFL: Financial Stability and Strong Credit Ratings

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The NFL recently increased its debt limit for teams and buyers, signaling its financial stability. Fitch Ratings affirmed the league's credit ratings on its lending facilities, highlighting the NFL's strong financial position. The league's national media deals and collective bargaining agreement with players contribute to its long-term revenue and cost visibility.

The NFL: Financial Stability and Strong Credit Ratings

Debt Ratings

Fitch Ratings provided the following debt ratings:

  • NFL Ventures, L.P: $1.2 billion senior notes at 'A+'
  • NFL: $24 million senior unsecured notes at 'A+'
  • Football Trusts: $6.8 billion senior secured leaguewide credit facility term notes at 'A'
  • Football Funding II LLC: $4.1 billion senior secured credit facility at 'A'

The rating outlook for all debt is stable.

Revenue Sources

The NFL's strong credit ratings are supported by its revenue sources:

  1. National Media Deals: The league's national media deals are projected to generate over $126 billion by 2033, providing significant financial stability.

  2. Collective Bargaining Agreement: The NFL's long-term collective bargaining agreement with players ensures revenue and cost visibility, setting it apart from other leagues.

  3. Tech Partnerships: The NFL has partnered with big tech companies like Amazon and Google to distribute its content digitally, embracing the transition of digital viewing trends.

Additional Factors

Other factors contributing to the NFL's high credit ratings include:

  • Rising Team Valuations: The increasing valuations of NFL teams, such as the recent sale of the Washington Commanders for $6 billion, demonstrate the league's financial strength.

  • Stadium Improvements: Stadium improvements at various football stadiums are expected to generate additional revenue from premium seating.

  • Strong Viewership: The NFL remains the most popular sports league in the U.S., with strong viewership numbers and record-breaking viewership levels for certain games.

In conclusion, the NFL's strong credit ratings and diverse revenue sources position it as a financially stable and successful sports league. Its national media deals, collective bargaining agreement, and strategic partnerships with tech companies contribute to its long-term financial viability. With rising team valuations and ongoing stadium improvements, the NFL continues to thrive both on and off the field.

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