October 31, 2023

Spectrum SportsNet+ Launches: Convenient and Affordable Access to Lakers Games and Exclusive Content

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Spectrum SportsNet and the Los Angeles Lakers have announced the launch of Spectrum SportsNet+, a direct-to-consumer streaming subscription service. This service will provide a 24/7 feed of Spectrum SportsNet programming, including live Lakers games and behind-the-scenes content, to sports enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area.

Spectrum SportsNet+ Launches: Convenient and Affordable Access to Lakers Games and Exclusive Content

Convenient Access

Fans can now purchase a Spectrum SportsNet+ subscription at and watch their favorite Lakers games on various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Roku, Android mobile, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Hisense, PlayStation, and Xbox. The streaming service will be powered by the NBA's integrated digital platform.

Affordable Alternative

Previously, Lakers fans in the region had to subscribe to AT&T's UVerse, DirecTV, or Cox's cable services to access Spectrum SportsNet. However, these cable services were more expensive compared to the new Spectrum SportsNet+ offering. Now, fans in Southern California, Hawaii, and Southern Nevada without access to Spectrum SportsNet can purchase Spectrum SportsNet+ for $19.99 per month or $179.99 per season.

Additional Benefits

Existing Spectrum, DirecTV, and Cox pay TV customers who already have access to Spectrum SportsNet programming can watch Lakers games via the Spectrum SportsNet app at no extra cost. They will also have authenticated access to Spectrum SportsNet+.

NBA Commissioner's Perspective

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has expressed the need for a reinvention and improvement in the delivery system of sports content. He believes that fans should be able to easily access their local team's games for a reasonable fee. Silver also acknowledges the changing landscape of cable viewership, with the NBA having a young and diverse audience that is not subscribing to cable.

Future Media Landscape

The current media agreement between the NBA and Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery will end with the 2024-25 season. Teams like the Lakers are anticipating a potentially different media landscape once the current contract expires.

Enhanced Lakers Coverage

The launch of Spectrum SportsNet+ provides Lakers fans with another way to watch their favorite team in action. The streaming service offers premium, in-depth coverage, analysis, and behind-the-scenes content. Fans can enjoy live regular season Lakers games, pregame shows, player and coach interviews, game highlights, and in-depth analysis.


With the introduction of Spectrum SportsNet+, Lakers fans now have a more convenient and affordable option to access live Lakers games and exclusive content. This new streaming service reflects the NBA's recognition of the changing viewing habits of its young and diverse audience. As the media landscape evolves, the Lakers and other teams are looking forward to exploring new opportunities to engage with their fans.

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