April 5, 2024

Brazil: The Next Big Player in the Global Online Wagering Scene

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Key Takeaways

Brazil: The Next Big Player in the Global Online Wagering Scene
  • Brazil has established regulatory guidelines for its online wagering market, attracting major US-based betting companies.
  • The country's large population and passion for sports like soccer and the NFL make it a lucrative market.
  • Rush Street Interactive (RSI) is rumored to be considering expansion into Brazil, which could increase its appeal to potential suitors.

Brazil's recent move to set regulatory guidelines for its online wagering market is turning heads across the globe. This bold step is not just a game-changer for the country but a beacon, signaling some of the industry's most influential players to the potential that lies in Latin America's largest economy. With the US market's state-level legalization showing signs of a slowdown, the gaze of betting giants such as DraftKings, MGM Resorts International, and Hard Rock International is fixed on Brazil, a country with a population exceeding 209 million.

The Allure of Brazil's Market

For iGaming and sportsbook operators, both domestic and international, Brazil represents an untapped reservoir of opportunity. The country's sheer size, coupled with a regulatory framework that's now in place, sets the stage for what could be the next great frontier in sports wagering. Notably, Rush Street Interactive, already speculated to be a takeover target, might see its attractiveness to potential suitors soar as Brazil opens its doors wider to online wagering.

A Hotbed for Sports Passion

Brazil's cultural fabric is interwoven with a deep love for sports, making it an ideal market for sports betting companies. The nation's unparalleled enthusiasm for soccer, highlighted by its five World Cup titles and consistent participation in the tournament, presents a lucrative avenue for betting operators. Moreover, the growing popularity of the NFL, with Sao Paulo set to host the league's first game in South America in 2024, and the NBA's strong following, adds layers to Brazil's potential as a sports wagering hub.

Rush Street Interactive: A Company to Watch

The rumors around Rush Street Interactive's potential expansion into Brazil—and possibly Argentina and Peru—paint a picture of a company poised for significant growth. Success in securing a Brazilian license could not only bolster RSI's position in the market but also make it a prime target for acquisition by larger US-based operators keen on tapping into Latin America's burgeoning online wagering scene.


Brazil's strategic move to regulate its online wagering market is more than just a local policy adjustment; it's a signal to the world of the immense potential lying within its borders. As major players from the US and beyond cast their eyes towards Brazil, the country is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of the global online wagering industry. For companies like Rush Street Interactive, Brazil represents not just a new market, but a gateway to unprecedented growth and opportunities in the heart of Latin America.

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