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Every spring millions of fans are eagerly waiting for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is the biggest singing competition in the world. Eurovision is also a fantastic and fun opportunity for betting. However, a friend of gambling does not have to limit themselves only to Eurovision itself, since one can also bet on the various song competitions of the participating countries.

One of these is Melodifestivalen, Sweden's song competition where the country's Eurovision representative is selected. In this article we will explore how one can bet on Melodifestivalen.

Play Swedish Eurovision Today - Win Real Money
How to bet on MelodifestivalenBest Swedish Eurovision odds onlinePrevious winners of Melodifestivalen
How to bet on Melodifestivalen

How to bet on Melodifestivalen

So what is Melodifestivalen (or "Mello" as it is also affectionately called) exactly? It is just like the other national Eurovision selection competitions, for example Festival di Sanremo in Italy or Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu in Finland. If one is unfamiliar with those, they all work more or less like Eurovision itself.

In other words, several singers perform an original song, they all get votes from both the jury and the audience, the scores are combined and one is crowned the winner. The winner then gets to perform in that year's Eurovision song contest.

Thus, betting on Melodifestivalen is in principle just like betting on any other competition: find out about the competitors and their odds, choose your candidates and how much you want to bet and then make your bets and hope for the best!

If you are not Swedish or in Sweden and betting on a Swedish competition seems far-fetched, there is no need to worry. First of all, the competition is fully accessible online everywhere in the world. Second, there are many websites that have the current odds for the competitors.

So even if one is unfamiliar with betting on Mello or other singing competitions, by following the bookmakers' predictions one can start to get a good idea of who to bet on.

How to bet on Melodifestivalen
Best Swedish Eurovision odds online

Best Swedish Eurovision odds online

A simple online search will provide plenty of websites with odds for the competitors of Mello. Some of them provide odds for all the national Eurovision pre-selection competitions, which makes following the odds easier if one is betting on several of them.

Many Melodifestivalen betting sites also give the competitors their chance of winning in percentages, which might make it easier to understand who is supposed to fare well than merely looking at the odds. However, as in betting generally, what matters is not just to guess who wins, but to try and bet on a winner with high odds.

So how do the odds work? Each competitor is assigned a number that represents their odds, for example, at the time of writing Klara Hammarström is given odds of 5 on average; each betting company gives a slightly different number, since giving the odds is not an exact science.

Klara has the lowest odds, which means she is currently considered by the betting experts to be the likely winner. The odds of 5 means that if you bet 1 euro, you will get 5 euros back, aka you win 4 euros. In other words, the lower the odds are, the more subjective probability for the candidate to win, and therefore, the less you are likely to win relative to your stake.

How are the Mello odds then decided? Professional bookmakers decide on them based on various factors that are considered to matter for success in the competition. Some are based on statistical analysis on past competitions whereas some factors are more subjective. For example, when in which place one performs in the competition seems to influence one's success.

This year Klara Hammarström is performing on the seventh place in the fourth semifinal, which is a place that has produced several past winners of Melodifestivalen. That is probably a feature that has influenced her odds. Then there are the more subjective features, like how good the song and the singer seem, how well they perform, and how much experience in performing they have.

Best Swedish Eurovision odds online
Previous winners of Melodifestivalen

Previous winners of Melodifestivalen

Here is a list of the previous winners of Melodifestivalen and their songs since the year 2000:

  • 2001 "Lyssna till ditt hjärta" by Friends
  • 2003 "Give Me Your Love" by Fame
  • 2004 "Det gör ont" by Lena Philipsson
  • 2006 "Evighet" by Carola Häggkvist
  • 2011 "Popular" by Eric Saade
  • 2012 "Euphoria" by Loreen
  • 2014 "Undo" by Sanna Nielsen
  • 2015 "Heroes" by Måns Zelmerlöw
  • 2016 "If I Were Sorry" by Frans
  • 2017 "I Can't Go On" by Robin Bengtsson
  • 2019 "Too Late for Love" by John Lundvik
Previous winners of Melodifestivalen