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The Eurovision Song contest was first held in 1956. Since then it has become a global phenomenon watched by millions each year. With so many people around the world tuning in it is not surprising that the gambling community has also taken notice. Numerous mainstream bookmakers allow users to place wagers on this event.

It is common for punters to try to predict the winning song and country. This is harder than it may appear. The contest is well known for having surprising outcomes. A favorite act may end up doing poorly. Meanwhile an underdog could end up taking the number one spot. This can make betting online fairly difficult.

Play Eurovision Today - Win Real Money
Eurovision 2022 Prediction

Eurovision 2022 Prediction

The Eurovision Song Contest's 66th edition goes to Turin, Italy, in 2022. Once again, the contest is an area of interest for bettors in Europe and beyond. The 2021 edition was won by Italy's Maneskin, who will again be strong contenders if they win the Sanremo Music Festival in February 2022.

Contest winner predictions

Many people are giving differing opinions on who could take the upcoming edition of Eurovision. Predictions are based on taste in music, country of origin, song performance, and much more.

While it is essential to listen to all projections, always remember that not all of them are suitable for betting. Bettors should look at deeper factors that the entertainment world is unlikely to admit.

When predicting winners with the aim of placing a bet, a punter should consider:

Political environment; organizers try to separate the contest from politics, but bettors know that politics shape the world. If a country has been receiving negative press, then the chances of winning the contest are low. Did somebody say Israel?

Previous records; any bettor knows the importance of previous performances in making a prediction for the future.

Other guiding factors include a country's population, its general performance on the music scene, and its media's continental influence.

Eurovision 2022 Prediction
Best Eurovision Song Contest betting

Best Eurovision Song Contest betting

Due to the surprising nature of the contest it is important for the gambler to do as much research as possible. The first thing to do is listen to all the songs. This will be a good indicator of which tracks are popular. However, musical taste is subjective. The staging of the song is arguably more significant. Watching footage of rehearsals and past live performances is very useful.

Whilst Eurovision strives to be a non-political show world events can affect the rankings of countries. If a nation is getting negative press just before the contest it can cause the public to vote against them. In recent years winning tunes have gotten significant radio air time prior to Eurovision. It is therefore a good idea to check what songs are doing well in the worldwide charts.

Best Eurovision Song Contest betting
Top Eurovision betting sites

Top Eurovision betting sites

  • Betfair: Sometimes gamblers will not want to wait to place a wager. Betfair gives odds for Eurovision before many of the countries have even released their tracks. This makes it one of the best Eurovision betting sites.
  • Bet365: This bookmaker is highly ranked in many important categories. New members can take advantage of sign up offers to use for Eurovision betting online. They are also highly regarded for the quality of their customer service. Minimal bets are fairly low.
  • Paddy Power: If a user manages to predict the right Eurovision winner they can receive an early payout with this site. There are sometimes enticing promotions for big annual events such as this song contest. They offer a rewards club for anyone who wants to utilize the site on a long term basis.
  • William Hill: This bookmaker will be ideal for gamblers who want a site that they can trust 100%. Their live-streaming service is very useful. Like others on this list they often have Eurovision promos.
  • Parimatch: Parimatch sets itself apart as one of the best betting sites thanks to its useful stats and analysis. It helps gamblers to gain insight before predicting a winning song. Their live betting is available 24/7.

How to bet on the Eurovision Song Contest

Once a site has released all of the odds for the contest the gambler can place their bet. The most popular option is to predict the outright winner. If the person has a good feeling about a particular country they could vote early in order to get better odds.

Sometimes the site will let users wager over which two specific countries will best each other. These are usually nations that have historic rivalries.

Before the main event there are two semis. The gambler may wish to place bets on these as well. Alternatively, they could use them as a way to better understand which countries have the strongest performers.

Top Eurovision betting sites
Best Eurovision betting odds

Best Eurovision betting odds

The odds for different countries for Eurovision betting online can vary greatly. Bookies Eurovision have become adept at making fairly reliable predictions of the artists that will finish in the top five. However, the number one winner is less easy to accurately determine. They tend to have strong odds from the outset.

The majority of bookmakers wait until every country has released their song before giving odds. Each year there are two Eurovision semi-finals before the final contest. The artist's performance and their reception from the crowd can significantly impact their odds going forward. It is interesting to note that returning artists often attain favorable odds because of the increased hype.

Best Eurovision betting odds
History of betting on Eurovision

History of betting on Eurovision

Before the advent of the internet Eurovision betting was much more niche. Gamblers would have difficulty finding a brick and mortar bookies that catered to this event. However, it is now a different story thanks to online betting sites. In recent years Eurovision has seen a healthy amount of global wagering activity. Bookmakers have become better at giving eventual winners good odds. However, there have been years when this was not the case.

For example, in 2016 Ukraine was not placed close to the top spot in most bookie predictions. They went on to win. 2014 was another year with an unexpected winner. In order to be more accurate bookmakers have begun to look more closely at the performances in rehearsals and semi-finals.

In 2016 a new voting system was put in place which also affects the way people gamble on the event. Bettors now have to take the views of professional juries into account.

History of betting on Eurovision
Eurovision winners since 2000

Eurovision winners since 2000

When analyzing winners since the very start of Eurovision Ireland comes out on top with 7 victories. They are followed by Sweden with 6. The United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have won 5 times each. However, the key to Eurovision betting is understanding the current tastes of the voting public.

Despite having a good track record in the past the UK is renowned for doing poorly in the contest in recent years. It is therefore useful to only base wager odds on recent winners. Here are the songs and countries that got to the number one spot since the year 2000:

  • 2000: Fly On The Wings Of Love - Denmark
  • 2001: Everybody - Estonia
  • 2002: I Wanna - Latvia
  • 2003: Every Way That I Can - Turkey
  • 2004: Wild Dances - Ukraine
  • 2005: My Number One - Greece
  • 2006: Hard Rock Hallelujah - Finland
  • 2007: Molitva - Serbia
  • 2008: Believe - Russia
  • 2009: Fairytale - Norway
  • 2010: Satellite - Germany
  • 2011: Running Scared - Azerbaijan
  • 2012: Euphoria - Sweden
  • 2013: Only Teardrops - Denmark
  • 2014: Rise Like A Phoenix - Austria
  • 2015: Heroes - Sweden
  • 2016: 1994 - Ukraine
  • 2017: Amar Pelos Dois - Portugal
  • 2018: Toy - Israel
  • 2019: Arcade - Netherlands
  • 2021: Zitti E Buoni - Italy

It should be noted that the 2020 competition was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eurovision winners since 2000