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For those looking to sign up at the best betting sites around, this is the right page to begin your search. This guidepost includes all the necessary information to get up and about at the sportsbook.

Below, we will take an insightful look at all types of betting and how they work. Whenever it comes to different sports, political odds, or entering the zone of esport betting, you can always count on us. Besides, there are a few betting tips to help beat the bookies at their own game.

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Looking to join the entertaining world of sports betting? If you have questions on what sportsbetting is, how to bet, or you just want to learn new tips and tricks, this simple beginner's guide will come in handy. If you love sports, or you simply enjoy the joy of surprise, take a look at the top sports betting pages we selected for you. This page discusses all sports betting basics, from placing a wager to playing at a trusted website. Of course, there are also a few trusted tips to boost your winning odds in the long run.

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Esports betting is the new gambling craze in town. Thousands of virtual matches are played every day, with bookies offering lucrative odds. These online multiplayer games aren't just fun to play, but they are definitely worth watching as well. We know it is not always easy to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the world of betting.

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The Eurovision Song contest was first held in 1956. Since then it has become a global phenomenon watched by millions each year. With so many people around the world tuning in it is not surprising that the gambling community has also taken notice. Numerous mainstream bookmakers allow users to place wagers on this event.

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Ever since the invention of betting more than 2,000 years ago, the practice has grown wider incorporating more opportunities. Politics has been one of the most important subjects for hundreds of years humans care about - because it shapes us, our future and our world.

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Swedish Eurovision

Every spring millions of fans are eagerly waiting for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is the biggest singing competition in the world. Eurovision is also a fantastic and fun opportunity for betting. However, a friend of gambling does not have to limit themselves only to Eurovision itself, since one can also bet on the various song competitions of the participating countries. 

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Many people enjoy the thrills of sports betting online. But betting is not merely something offered for sports or casino games. Novelty bets have continued to increase in popularity. One of those novelties comes from betting on TV shows. TV show betting takes the exciting process of reality television and adds some stakes to it. Players can bet on reality television contestants, winners, and who may be eliminated each week.

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The Oscars

If you enjoy betting on entertainment events, the Academy Awards are unrivaled. Luckily, there are various The Oscars betting sites online that provide a wide range of markets, from "Best Picture" to fun prop bets about hypothetical envelope mix-ups and music disrupting winners' speeches.

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Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are computer-generated simulations of real-life sports events. They give sports betting fans who don’t live in a city with a major league team or are just not able to make it to the track or casino the opportunity to bet on sports anywhere, at any time. Virtual sports betting is a form of online gambling that allows users to bet on the outcome of simulated sporting events. 

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White Christmas in Betting

White Christmas in Betting

White Christmas betting is one of the most brilliant ideas that add flavour to the end of year holiday. It is a simple bet on whether there will be snow on Christmas Day. Some of the best online bookmakers offer this bet as a way of gifting their loyal players on this end-year holiday. But how does it work?  

History of betting

History of betting

Where did it all start? Well, the rich history of sports betting dates back to more than 20 centuries ago. The earliest records prove that the Greeks are the inventors of sports betting at the Olympics. The Romans later borrowed the idea to start wagering on gladiator contests, with Rome legalizing sports betting altogether.

Since then, gambling has become a favorite pastime across Europe and other continents. In England, it became widespread, thanks to horse racing. It’s here that sports betting crossed the Atlantic to the US, where it gained popularity pretty quickly.

But it hasn’t been a smooth ride thus far. When gambling became widespread in Europe during the medieval era, the early church passed strict laws to ban gambling activities.

Of course, this didn’t do much to prevent gambling from exploding into popularity. In the 80s and 90s, countries began formulating laws to regulate sports betting and gambling in general.

Modern sports betting

The booming sports betting market owes its success to more robust legislation across the world. For example, gambling became officially legal in the US in 1931, when Nevada legalized the activity. Soon after, other states like New York and Las Vegas followed suit.

Today, Las Vegas is arguably the largest gambling city in the world.

But it was until 1996 when Interlops launched the first online sportsbook. After that, it didn’t take long before the same company launched the first mobile betting in 2000.

Following the success of Interlops, more sports betting sites popped up, offering even juicier odds and better gameplay. All in all, sports betting has been there and will always be there for as long as humanity exists.

History of betting
Types of betting

Types of betting

For an avid sports bettor, knowing the history of sports gambling is undoubtedly essential. However, learning the varying types of bets is even more critical to your success. So, this section discusses the four basic types of sports betting.

Fixed odds betting

Fixed odds betting is indeed the most prevalent type of sports gambling, both online and offline. It involves placing a wager against the odds created by the online sports bookie, and the bet is settled when the event is over. As the name suggests, the price doesn’t change after placing a bet in fixed odds betting.

For example, a bettor might stake on an EPL match between Manchester City and Manchester United. Manchester City is the favorite with 1.90 odds in this match, whereas Manchester United maxes out at 4.89 odds.

Suppose the bettor backs Manchester United with a $100 stake, and they don’t disappoint, the win potential is $489. That’s a $389 profit. But if they lose, the bookie enjoys the $100 stake.

Exchange betting

Bookies can be mischievous at times. Therefore, to eliminate them from the scene, exchange betting should come in handy. But like in fixed odds betting, there are two sides of the coin here. One player backs an outcome while the other bettor opposes it.

Sticking with the example above, Player A backs Man United to win with a $100 bet. On the other hand, Player B supports Man City to win and matches the bet with a $100 stake of their own.

Depending on the lucky player, they walk away with a $100 profit. But, of course, the unlucky bettor loses their stake.

Spread betting

Spread betting is gambling where the punter wins or loses the wager depending on the margin of a particular outcome. In other words, the pay-off is based on the wager’s accuracy rather than a mere win or lose.

With spread betting, punters predict whether an event outcome will be over the ‘spread’ created by the sport bookie.

In other words, a bookmaker gives a spread of 10 for the number of fouls in a match. Then, a bettor buys the spread for $10. In that case, they’re predicting that the number of fouls will be over 10.

So, if the match finishes with 15 corners, they win $50 (5 x $10). The bettor neither wins nor loses if the game ends with 10 fouls. But if the outcome is five corners, the punter loses $50 ($50 x 5) plus their stake.

Live betting

Any sportsbook worth joining must offer live betting or in-play betting at the bare minimum. Essentially, live betting is much like fixed odds gambling but with a bit of tweak. Here, punters place bets after the match has commenced instead of pre-match bets.

For instance, say Man United is playing Man City, and the former is one up. If that’s the situation, there are several markets to predict.

You can predict the next player to score, the next team to commit a foul, the next card to be dished out, and so on. Whichever the case, in-play betting offers players a quick turnaround time and more accurate predictions.

Types of betting
Betting tips

Betting tips

To have fun, win something, and bet responsibly, using these betting tips is essential. Below is a quick overview:

  • Create a bankroll: Honestly, forget about cutting it if you don’t have a bankroll for gambling. This is money set aside strictly for gambling purposes. It’s best practice to divide the bankroll into smaller units to avoid blowing the entire budget in a single bet.
  • Compare the odds and lines: It’s important to note that online bookmakers don’t offer similar odds and lines. While the difference can be slight, it can still make the difference in the long run. Fortunately, many sites and apps offer betting tips 1x2.
  • Keep betting records: Only a few bettors bother to save their sports betting records. Without a betting record, it’s impossible to track your spending on the sportsbook and the overall profits realized. Also, betting records can point out areas that need improving.
  • Avoid personal bias: Are you a Man United fan? Good for you! However, it doesn’t mean you should favor this team when playing against an in-form Man City. Remember that sports betting is all about research, statistics, and winning money.
  • Don’t quit just yet: If the records indicate more losses than wins, quitting might be on the cards as a beginner. But don’t be disheartened after losing ten bets in a row. Instead, sharpen your research skills and stick to the plan. Conversely, don’t think you’re a betting genius after a five-match winning streak.
Betting tips
Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming

As usual, it’s paramount to embrace responsible gambling to be successful in this vast world. First of all, only gamble with funds you are comfortable losing.

Don’t play with money for essentials like house rent, medical bills, school fees, etc. Also, don’t chase losses by trying to cover lost ground. And above all, don’t treat gambling as a full-time job. Remember to have fun.

Responsible gaming