Top-rated Sports betting gambling sites in Egypt

Egypt is a famous country found in Africa's northeastern corner. It's famous for being home to The Great Pyramid of Giza and other destinations such as the Valley of the Kings, The Egyptian Museum, and its beautiful capital, Cairo.

There's no doubt that Egyptians love their country, and they enjoy exploring it as often as they can. Most of them also create time to participate in more exciting undertakings, such as sports betting. Its popularity continues to soar, especially with the increase of great betting sites serving Egypt. These gambling platforms have many attractive qualities to ensure Egyptian sports bettors relish unrivaled services.

Top-rated Sports betting gambling sites in Egypt
Everything you need to know about betting in Egypt

Everything you need to know about betting in Egypt

For instance, they provide different offers, including welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and deposit bonuses. Punters who qualify for them can claim them to wager on more sports. But they must meet the specified wagering requirements first.

Besides, many bookies in Egypt are accessible in various languages. One of them is Arabic, which most Egyptians understand pretty well. More include French, English, Italian, Greek, and Amharic that also have speakers in this jurisdiction.

Additional features to expect at the best betting sites in Egypt are outstanding customer support, many payment methods, and plenty of sports betting markets.

Everything you need to know about betting in Egypt
Egyptian players' favorite sports to bet on

Egyptian players' favorite sports to bet on

Football is the most popular sport in Egypt. Punters betting on it are always in luck because online bookies in this country cover various leagues, including the English Premier League.
Gamblers in Egypt also like wagering on many other sports, such as:

  • Basketball
  • Horse racing
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Esports
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Volleyball

Betting on most of these options is unchallenging. But new bettors shouldn't place their wagers blindly. A few hours of extensive research goes a long way in prepping them for this activity, enabling them to bet wisely.

Essentially, all these sports come with different pros and cons. For example, football has some of the most competitive odds, and nearly all international bookies offer it. While these are advantages experienced punters enjoy, amateurs may be somewhat overwhelmed by all the available choices.

Esports betting in Egypt is a newer concept than wagering on regular sports like football and basketball. But it's gaining momentum, with more punters growing fond of betting on titles like Call of Duty, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2, Rocket League, Valorant, and Rainbow Six. Fortunately, many bookies in this country are trying to provide favorable odds to encourage gamblers to wager on these competitive video games.

Egyptian players' favorite sports to bet on
Payment methods in Egypt

Payment methods in Egypt

Egyptians utilize many payment methods to deposit at their bookmakers when betting on sports with real money. Below are examples of the most popular ones:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • AstroPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank transfers
  • EcoPayz

Most punters prefer using e-wallets because of their fast speed. Typically, deposits with these payment options are processed within seconds. Digital wallets also leverage different security protocols to ensure gamblers' money and personal information remains safe.

There's also a large portion of Egyptians who enjoy depositing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More often than not, these individuals require anonymity and fast speed. Funding their betting accounts with this option also makes them eligible for various bonuses, which are handy for placing more wagers.

Punters should always choose the payment methods that suit them best, regardless of whether they are debit/credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, or crypto. The goal remains to deposit or withdraw smoothly and enjoy wonderful betting experiences in the long run.

A punter could use one payment method to deposit or withdraw at multiple bookies in Egypt. But this might not always be possible because some platforms may not provide it. In such cases, the gambler should settle for another convenient payment gateway.

Payment methods in Egypt
History of betting in Egypt

History of betting in Egypt

One reason for Egypt's fame today is its ancient civilization, which motivated passionate archeologists to explore it. Some of them stumbled upon gambling artifacts such as 6-sided dice from centuries ago, proving that Egyptians are no strangers to betting. Others also located tombstones with gambling art as further evidence that this activity has been popular here for a long time.

But this isn't everything. The papyrus, dated between 3000 BC and 4000 BC, is another excellent proof that Egyptians have always gambled. This writing material contained anti-gambling laws meant to regulate this activity and minimize its spread. It shows that this act was so rampant that leaders felt it needed to be supervised.

Religion is believed to have played a vital role in spreading betting in Egypt. Apparently, ancient Egyptian gods gambled to solve conflicts amongst themselves.

This country's citizens also placed bets to predict the results of certain religious rituals. For example, some societies would throw sticks and count them. Odd numbers would predict adverse outcomes, while even ones meant that the gods would positively respond to what the people were asking them to do.

History of betting in Egypt
Betting nowadays in Egypt

Betting nowadays in Egypt

Compared to ancient times, betting in Egypt has unbelievably evolved. Modern technology has given gamblers access to more advanced and entertaining forms of gambling than throwing stones or sticks.

For instance, foreigners in Egyptian can visit over 20 brick-and-mortar casinos in different parts of this country to bet on sports such as football. Most punters here choose the gambling houses near them for convenience. But others don't think twice about traveling long distances to get the supreme sports betting services they want.

It should be noted that locals in Egypt are prohibited from gambling at land-based casinos. However, it doesn't mean they don't bet at all. A majority of them wager on sports online. Unlike many other Muslim countries, the government hasn't set any rules to regulate or prohibit online gambling.

Therefore, punters are free to register with as many bookies as they like, as long as they abide by the platforms' rules regarding enjoying the provided betting services.

As one would expect, Egyptian punters are similar to those from other parts of the world. They want nothing short of the most satisfying sports betting experiences, and they are willing to do what it takes to get them. Check out the top tips they utilize to avoid disappointments when wagering on sports:

  • Researching various sports teams and their previous performances to predict underdogs and favorites
  • Understanding the various types of bets one can place on different sports
  • Taking advantage of the promotions provided by their bookmakers
  • Choosing to wager on the sports they like and comprehend, leaving out those whose rules they don't understand
  • Creating reasonable betting budgets based on their current incomes
  • Only signing up for the best bookmakers in Egypt
Betting nowadays in Egypt
Future of betting in Egypt

Future of betting in Egypt

The gambling market in Egypt is set to expand in the future. More Egyptians are leaning towards betting on sports as a pastime and effective way to alleviate stress. Besides, gambling also enables them to bond while celebrating their favorite teams, regardless of whether they lose a particular event or win. All these perks make this activity understandably irresistible.

Since additional sports bettors are entering the gambling world, more online bookies are also expected to join the market. This ensures that these punters have countless sites to consider when they desire to bet on football, rugby, tennis, or esports.

Notably, online bookmakers are more convenient than land-based casinos in Egypt. While the latter's popularity may diminish in the coming years, the demand for online sports betting sites could increase.

Future of betting in Egypt
Betting legislation in Egypt

Betting legislation in Egypt

Although the Egyptian government hasn't authorized online betting yet, it hasn't passed any strict laws against it. Interestingly, it has even permitted locals to play the lottery and indulge in sports betting. But it's a bit hard for domestic sportsbooks to acquire licenses, so there aren't many of them available. This has encouraged punters to wager on sports online instead of offline. After all, online bookies are more accessible, convenient, and fascinating than land-based casinos.

The fact that the Egyptian government doesn't back online gambling has made it somewhat complicated for avid punters. If one is duped by the platforms they pick, they have to deal with the issue alone since they lack legal protection. To avoid this, they take it upon themselves to ensure their safety when using foreign sportsbooks. Some of the strategies they leverage include:

  • Registering with licensed bookies only
  • Keeping their betting accounts' login details a secret
  • Confirming the platforms they choose to utilize various security measures, such as rigorous verification procedures, email updates, and two-factor verification

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem Egyptian sports bettors face. Arabic bookies with favorable features aren't that easy to find. One may have to try out many sites before finding one with everything they're looking for in a bookmaker.

Betting legislation in Egypt
Betting acts in Egypt

Betting acts in Egypt

Various laws dictate what happens in the Egyptian gambling scene. One of them is the Egyptian Income Tax Law of 2005 (Article 7, Number 91), which imposes a 20% income tax on all land-based casinos.

The Egyptian law also requires casino operators to pay up to 42% corporate tax on their annual profits and import duties. Those who violate it may face serious legal consequences that could affect their operations and capability to deliver dependable betting services.

The Penal Code of Egypt (Article 352) prohibits land-based casinos from embracing locals. It stipulates that those who do could be fined or detained, in addition to losing all their cash and properties in the gambling houses.

Notably, Egypt doesn't have any specific laws regarding online betting, even though it's not legalized. Online gamblers here utilize VPNs to hide their locations, register with various offshores bookies, and bet on sports. They're free to do this at any time. Even better, they have tons of websites to choose from, including new and existing ones.

Betting acts in Egypt


Is online sports betting legal in Egypt?

No laws regulate online betting in Egypt. That being so, punters can visit various bookies to bet on the sports they like.

How can Egyptian punters bet on sports online?

Punters in Egypt can wager on sports online by first choosing the best bookmakers to register with. Then, they have to select an option to punt on and learn the type of wagers to place. Understanding the sport's odds is also essential to help them calculate their potential payouts.

How should punters deposit at their favorite bookies in Egypt?

Egyptian bettors should deposit with a secure, reliable, and reputable deposit method at their bookmakers. It's also best if the payment system they choose supports the Egyptian pound (EGP) to evade paying conversion fees.

Where can punters bet on sports in Egypt?

Punters in Egypt can bet on sports at the vast pool of bookies that accept them. It's vital to note that most of these options come with varying features, ranging from the sports betting markets available to the payment options one can use to deposit or withdraw money.

Does the Egyptian government impose any tax on punters' online sports betting winnings?

No. The government in this country doesn't tax its punters' sports betting winnings. It barely even knows about them since online gambling is unregulated.