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TrustPay is a secure e-commerce payment provider that has been around since 2009. The company operates in the EEA region and processes millions of card payments over the internet. Licensed by different jurisdictions, TrustPay operates globally and supports more than 100 currencies. It is no surprise a tremendous number of sportsbetting websites, and other gambling platforms accept this payment processor.

Since 2012, the company has been in partnership with MasterCard, Visa, and UnionPay, attracting millions of card users across the globe. Being an instant bank transfer service, TrustPay facilitates an extensive array of banking options such as prepaid card payments and online banking transfers. It is one of the simplest methods whereby customers choose their bank or card and wait for the payment to go through.

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How to make a deposit with TrustPay

How to make a deposit with TrustPay

Online betting with TrustPay couldn't be easier, considering the user can bring together all their sources of funds in one place. With a TrustPay account, one can add e-wallets and other financial accounts. This allows a punter to have various choices when they want to deposit with TrustPay. Most digital payment gateways require creating a separate account or online wallet. But TrustPay is different because it doesn't need an additional online account.

There are many ways to deposit with TrustPay: from a bank account, prepaid Paysafecard, credit card, debit card, or e-wallet. Ideally, it connects directly to a bank account, but the billing address should be from an EEA country like Slovakia, Estonia, or the Czech Republic. There's also an option to link multi-currency bank accounts to TrustPay. This allows users to manage their funds as they utilize it for online sports betting anytime through internet banking. When a bank transfer is involved, it is not the typical process that takes several business days but rather an instant experience.

A TrustPay deposit makes the credit available instantly to the betting account as long as the bank is eligible. The service doesn't charge anything for making a deposit regardless of the currency, making it an affordable solution for casual gamblers. It is worth noting that sports betting sites have deposit limits that must be observed.

How to deposit with TrustPay: Step-by-step guide

TrustPay is a mobile-friendly payment gateway, so it's possible to bet on sports while on the go. To fund an account at an online betting website, players need to:

  1. Register with a bookmaker first
  2. Head over to the Deposit page
  3. Click TrustPay from the menu of the available payment options
  4. Indicate the personal ID or Turing number and password
  5. Enter the deposit amount
  6. TrustPay will verify the transfer, and the money will be deducted from the bank or card account
  7. Complete payment
  8. A confirmation is sent if the payment is successful

When depositing with MasterCard, Visa, or UnionPay, the TrustPay checkout interface will ask for CVV2 and the card's expiry date. As for the Paysafecard, the player should have the card at hand and supply a 16-digit PIN code.

How to make a deposit with TrustPay
How to make a withdrawal with TrustPay

How to make a withdrawal with TrustPay

Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw directly to TrustPay as the provider does not provide a separate banking account for users. It is simply an intermediary payment processor that makes paying with a bank or card more convenient. In other words, the platform does not hold balances.

The best thing about TrustPay is that they offer numerous withdrawal methods, including wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, eCheck, PayPal, Neteller, MuchBetter, Maestro, Sofort, Trustly, ecoPayz, EntroPay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. Withdrawal speeds differ from one method to the other. For instance, wire transfers can take two to five business days. E-wallets are quite fast, taking between 24 and 48 hours. E-checks take a few days to complete. The fasters and most secure withdrawals are through cryptocurrencies which can be instant or a few-hour process.

Guide to withdrawing money from an online sportsbook

The withdrawal process at most sports betting websites follows similar steps. Players should do the following:

  • Sign up and log in to their betting account
  • Confirm their winnings and make sure they have fulfilled all wagering conditions
  • Go to the banking page and follow the withdrawal button
  • Peruse the menu and select a suitable payment option
  • Follow the instructions and confirm details before clicking the submit button
  • The bookie verifies the withdrawal request and releases the winnings to the player
  • Money reaches the player's account, and a notification is sent

When cashing out, it is imperative to ascertain the fees and transaction speed of the available methods. Most sports bettors prefer a fast method to access money quickly and utilize it whichever way they want. Some bookmakers will ask for additional documentation in the KYC process. This is necessary to curb fraud and money laundering.

How to make a withdrawal with TrustPay
Safety and security at TrustPay

Safety and security at TrustPay

In light of the popularity of online betting, the safety of e-payments has become a concern. The majority of IoT devices carry a substantial risk of online threats and exploits. Most gamblers worry that their personal information will be exposed to hackers; hence, they want to ensure that a payment gateway has everything required to safeguard their credentials and money.

TrustPay is certified with PCI DSS Tier 1. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards entail a series of the best practices that international card providers use to ensure the safety of cardholder data. This makes a company more trustworthy to merchants and consumers. It also means they are compliant with strict financial standards and thus are allowed to partner with major banks and card payments.

This certification takes the security of credit card information seriously with such measures as anti-virus software, data transfer encryption, and firewalls. TrustPay limits access to banking information when processing payments to an online betting website while monitoring network permissions.

The process of transferring money through TrustPay takes a considerable level of scrutiny. The user must provide their credentials, which happens on a secure remote UI. Apart from passwords, TrustPay may ask for fingerprint authentication, depending on where the funds are coming from. Gamblers should have no reservations because their biodata is configured with cryptography.

Safety and security at TrustPay
TrustPay customer support options

TrustPay customer support options

TrustPay users can reach out to customer representatives using the following options:

TrustPay's website has a wealth of information in the FAQ section. These are useful guides that customers could use before contacting the customer care desk. For further technical assistance, the customer support team is readily available any day and time. They can answer questions sent via the contact form. Players need to provide detailed information, and they will get a response in 24 hours via email. For immediate help, it is advisable to use the telephone line.

Before contacting TrustPay for a failed transaction, it is good to check the credit balance. The source of funds should be up to date, e.g., the credit card should not have expired. If the problem persists, the bank can assist. Some banking institutions treat betting transactions suspiciously, and so they need to confirm that it's indeed the customer initiating the payment to protect the account from fraud.

TrustPay customer support options