Best Bookies accepting QIWI

QIWI is a popular online payment method among Russian bettors. It was founded in Moscow in 2008 and was created primarily for native Russian speakers. It gained a substantial foothold in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and has grown in popularity in CIS nations, Asia, and the United States.

This payment method has upwards of 41 million account holders with an extensive ATM network in Russia. Qiwi recently collaborated with Mitsui & Co., making it available in Japan. Some notable features that made Qiwi a preferred choice for bettors are quick withdrawals, under-the-radar activities, low fees, and eligibility for bonuses on multiple bookmakers.

Best Bookies accepting QIWI
How to start betting with QIWIWithdrawing winnings with QIWI
How to start betting with QIWI

How to start betting with QIWI

The first step in betting with QIWI is creating an account. This process is quite intuitive and straightforward.

  1. Visit
  2. Select a language, then choose 'Create Wallet'
  3. Put in your phone number
  4. Enter the code you received through SMS
  5. Fill in the required information

This procedure not only creates your account but also verifies your e-wallet. From here on out, you can deposit funds to your QIWI wallet, which can be used to top up your account on betting sites.

Just log on to a Qiwi bookmaker and choose QIWI as the payment method. Bettors can also use a QIWI payWave or payWave+ plastic or virtual card. The QIWI virtual card is free, but the payWave and payWave+ cards will cost you ₽299 and ₽349, respectively. If using one of these, choose VISA or credit card as the payment option.

Once you enter the amount, you will be transferred to your QIWI wallet. Re-enter and amount and proceed with the deposit. An OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to the registered number, which can be used to authorize the transaction. The funds should reflect in your account immediately.

A big advantage that bettors see in Qiwi is that there are currently no fees when depositing on Qiwi Bookmakers. There are also no fees if the account is funded through a Qiwi kiosk or an ATM. However, deposits made through a bank transfer or credit card have a 3.5% commission for deposits.

How to start betting with QIWI
Withdrawing winnings with QIWI

Withdrawing winnings with QIWI

Most QIWI betting sites let you withdraw earnings through QIWI since it's the same method of deposit used. Here's how you cash out with QIWI:

  1. Log on to the bookmaker account
  2. Choose the withdraw option, and then enter the desired withdrawal amount
  3. In the withdrawal method, Choose QIWI. If bettors wish to withdraw funds to their payWave or payWave+ card, they may have to choose the VISA or credit card option.
  4. Confirm the transaction.

Most QIWI bookmakers allow for a direct withdrawal to QIWI accounts. However, bookies don't provide withdrawals, so bettors must arrange for other methods.

One solid option is withdrawal through e-wallets like Skrill. There is also the option of a bank transfer, although the funds may suffer from higher fees compared to e-wallets - 5% commission, to be exact.

Moreover, fees could range from 1.5% to 2.5% depending on the QIWI card used for the withdrawal. While it's true that the card service is free, there is a charge of 2% + ₽50 (equivalent) when withdrawals are made through ATMs.

With regards to transaction limits, QIWI allows transactions even when the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is not completed. The KYC procedure is when bettors who sign up must submit documents or identification for verification.

Bettors who finish the KYC have a transaction limit of ₽15,000 (or equivalent). Lower transaction limits are imposed on bettors who don't finish with the KYC. Moreover, some transaction limits may depend on the bettor's region.

Withdrawing winnings with QIWI