Best Bookies accepting PayU

While direct bank transfer and credit cards are the easiest way to deposit and withdraw funds at an online betting site, many gamblers worry about the potential of data theft when using these options. For this matter, many bettors seek alternative payment gateways for peace of mind. Luckily, PayU allows punters to use credit cards without sharing confidential information with a sports betting platform.

Today, many betting sites accept PayU, and players love it for security, ease of use, and speed. Sites accepting this payment solution feature amazing bonuses for new players and intuitive interfaces. They also have an extensive array of sports betting options with excellent odds.

Best Bookies accepting PayU
How to make a deposit with PayUHow to make a withdrawal with PayUSafety and security at PayUPayU customer support options
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How to make a deposit with PayU

How to make a deposit with PayU

Before depositing money to a sports betting website, the user should transfer money from their bank or credit card to a PayU payout account. They’ll need this information at the gambling site rather than the actual banking details. There are many ways to transfer money from a PayU payout account to a betting site, e.g., UPI, virtual wallets, and IMPS.

Top PayU betting sites allow players to process payments with a single touch of a button. After signing up for a trusted PayU sportsbook, here is what it takes to make a deposit.

  • Go to the ‘Banking’ section and hit the ‘Deposit’ button
  • Click on the PayU icon
  • Provide details of the PayU payout account
  • Input the sum to fund the betting account
  • Get the receipt

This form of transfer happens instantly or within a few minutes, allowing customers to start playing their favorite games immediately. PayU works on a 24/7 basis, including weekends and bank holidays. It is perfect for bulk payments, so it shouldn’t be a problem for high-stake gamblers. As for the deposit limit, it is good to check with the sportsbook to see the minimum transferrable amount and the wagering requirements.

Advantages of PayU deposits

Players feed the PayU financial data at the betting site only during their first gamble. The platform saves the details and uses them for repeat deposits in the future. Some sports betting websites have added a PayU touch button that simplifies the depositing process.

A single click is incredibly convenient when wagering on sports via a mobile phone. In addition, the PayU system is synchronized with Google Pay and Apple Pay, so the bettor doesn’t need to leave the betting dashboard when placing a deposit.

There are several features of PayU betting sites that gamblers should leverage. One of such benefits is the multi-currency transactions, so the players can use any currency without losing any cash on conversion. A few operators accept the PayU Later option, where the gambler bets on credit and pays their deposit in the next 30 days.

How to make a deposit with PayU
How to make a withdrawal with PayU

How to make a withdrawal with PayU

Cashing out winnings with PayU is convenient and straightforward. The following steps are involved.

  • Go to the banking section and hit the ‘Payout’ button
  • From the available banking options, select the PayU logo
  • Input the amount to cash out
  • Verify the details and click on the proceed/submit button
  • The betting site will approve the withdrawal in about 24 hours and release the money

PayU betting operators redirect payouts to the players’ bank accounts. The withdrawal timeframe is longer than that of depositing. This is because some internal verifications have to be completed first to protect the player from fraud. The money, however, shouldn’t take more than five business days to reach the winner’s bank account.

Benefits of PayU withdrawals

The good thing about PayU is that it allows the customer to check the progress of the transaction in most countries. That way, the player can see whether the money is on the way. However, players must confirm the withdrawal limits at the betting platform and make sure they have met all the terms and conditions of cashing out.

PayU operates in many national banks scattered across 17 countries. While the service may differ from country to country, PayU betting providers are less likely to charge customers for withdrawing their winnings. If there’s any additional charge, the customer’s bank will give a statement once the transfer succeeds.

How to make a withdrawal with PayU
Safety and security at PayU

Safety and security at PayU

While PayU transactions involve a regular bank account, they eliminate the hassle of personal data input. PayU protects online deposits at betting sites with cutting-edge security standards. The state-of-the-art payment gateway uses the following technologies to safeguard gamblers.


Tokenization adds an extra layer of protection to the banking or card details. The data is passed on to the betting site as a token. A token refers to a random series of characters that replaces the customer’s confidential information like the account holder's name and bank account number.

2-Factor authentication

A 2-factor authentication process helps to protect users' passwords and personal details. Once the customer enters their bank details, they receive an OTP on their registered number to confirm the sum transferred to their PayU payout account.


PayU complies with the practices of Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard. The user’s card number and expiry date remain confidential in a secure place, while the CVV is never stored.

128-bit SSL

This Secure Sockets Layer minimizes the potential of third-party attacks. It encrypts sensitive details during an online payment process.

Highly-secure servers

PayU offers web front ends, redirecting checkout, and SDKs at the point of checkout in an online betting site. It means there's no intermediary server from the merchant side when transacting via PayU.

Safety and security at PayU
PayU customer support options

PayU customer support options

Every gambler wishes to have their issues resolved in quick turnaround times. Therefore, customer support is a key consideration when choosing a PayU sportsbook. Both the payment provider and betting site are responsible for safeguarding the customer and listening to their queries. Paying attention to the customer’s concern is a sign that the betting site is legit and trustworthy.

The fastest way to resolve an issue at the PayU website is through live chat, which offers automatic replies. Whether it’s a question related to registration, deposits, withdrawals, or transaction limit, the help section is designed to give detailed responses and solutions.

Another customer support option is the ‘Track a Query’ where clients type in their phone numbers to follow up on issues they may have raised before. Moreover, there’s a knowledge center where users can learn how to get started, pricing mechanisms, refunds, and different products.

On the other hand, top PayU betting sites’ customer support are available 24/7. To make sure that every player is attended to, they give at least three contact methods: live chat, email, and telephone. Some sites also allow interactions through their social media profiles.

PayU customer support options
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