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Euteller is a privately owned corporation that was established in 2007. It was created to help Finnish online banking account holders to make instant bank transactions using existing online bank accounts. Since entering the market, the provider has handled a billion euros for their customers. Euteller is a licensed payment institution regulated by Finland's Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). It is also regulated by the Finnish Payment Service Provider and Finnish Licensing Authority.

The company works with a laid-back team. The provider has made their setup as simple as possible for their consumers. The payment processor recognizes that its responsibility is to add value to businesses and their online customers. They are confident that they have done something right, whether by evaluating their success in the number of returning online customers or the loyalty of their existing clientele.

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How to make a deposit with Euteller

How to make a deposit with Euteller

The Euteller payment service accepts payments through various devices, including computers, cell phones, and tablets. The payment pages automatically adjust to the screen size. Thus, no development is necessary, making the consumer journey more efficient and enjoyable. Thousands of individuals rely on the dependable payment solution and responsive customer care for online betting with Euteller.

Technology advancement has led to improved, convenient, and safe payment options at betting sites online. Online bank transfers are one of the most popular new deposit techniques. However, not every banking institution has geared up to interact directly with internet bookmakers. The situation has facilitated the growth of third-party operators.

Euteller allows consumers with accounts at certain banks to conduct secure and quick deposits to their sports betting sites. It offers a single point of access to all of Finland's leading banks. Their services are pretty simple for players to interact with. Customers do not need to register, and the entire depositing process is relatively quick.

Players select Euteller as a payment method on the deposit tab after getting into their betting profiles. The user is then offered the choice of depositing with their preferred bank. Once payment is completed, Euteller processes it swiftly, and the funds are usually immediately available in the sportsbetting account.

How to deposit with Euteller

Euteller is a real-time bank transfer service that allows merchants to accept deposits from customers' online bank accounts. To pay with this method, players should follow these steps:

  • Choose the Euteller payment method on the payment page of the betting site. This takes them to the Euteller website.
  • The user then chooses their bank from which to make the payment. They will be redirected to the chosen bank's website.
  • The player goes to the bank's website and confirms the transaction.

What is Euteller's daily deposit limit?

The maximum transaction value is 10,000 EUR, while the minimum is one EUR. However, each online betting site has its deposit limits, of which every gambler should be aware. The money is usually available in the bettor's account immediately after the Euteller deposit is finished. When using a more typical bank wire, the funds can take days to appear. Users can deposit using their mobile phones at their leisure.

While some payment options impose a fixed or percentage deposit fee, Euteller does not. The Finnish payment platform Euteller does not charge fees when players deposit into their betting accounts. Many of its competitors are more expensive than Euteller. Euteller doesn't charge any fees for withdrawals either; thus, it's entirely free for players.

How to make a deposit with Euteller
How to make a withdrawal with Euteller

How to make a withdrawal with Euteller

The majority of betting sites do not allow players to use Euteller for withdrawals. In case an online betting website does permit it, players need to go to the cashier and select Euteller from the list of methods available. Euteller uses an API to connect directly with users' bank accounts. The payment provider is not an e-wallet such as PayPal. Instead, it is a payment processor which adds extra security for withdrawals.

Users' first withdrawal with a Euteller betting site will be prolonged since they will be asked to complete the verification, known as KYC. The process involves uploading documentation and confirming one's identity before processing the transaction. This is a one-time task, and subsequent withdrawals shouldn't take longer than 72 hours. Although the withdrawal speed isn't the most significant selling point of using Euteller, it does have many significant advantages that make up for it.

What is the daily withdrawal limit at Euteller?

Although Euteller does not cap withdrawals, a Euteller betting site may impose some limitations. This often happens when the player has a self-exclusion option or when the law requires bookies to enforce responsible gaming.

The betting site will cover merchant fees, which some would pass on to their customers. Specifics differ in every site, and it is advisable for players to read the terms and conditions ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

A withdrawal from a Euteller betting site can take up to 72 hours to reach the bank account. It is still faster than the typical three to five days for credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa, but still slower than the 24 hours most electronic wallets promise.

Can players make a mobile withdrawal?

Users of Euteller can send and receive money using Siirto, a real-time mobile payment service. The service is instant and works with all of Finland's leading banks. Users need a mobile number to execute transactions with Siirto, and transactions are no longer confirmed on the online bank website. The Siirto application verifies transactions when the user completes the confirmation request delivered to their smartphone or tablet.

How to make a withdrawal with Euteller
Safety and security at Euteller

Safety and security at Euteller

Euteller uses modern security technologies to guarantee users' data safety when performing transactions. Players can fund their betting accounts with Euteller without submitting their card information online. This can be an enticing choice for people concerned about credit card fraud.

Euteller allows players to make payments using online bank accounts without revealing any personal information when depositing at their favorite online betting sites. Players can trust Euteller since its solid business practices are regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). Furthermore, the organization provides excellent customer assistance in Finnish around the clock, making this banking option even more accessible and secure.

Euteller values money security and has adopted the most incredible levels of encryption. They have developed strong anti-fraud measures to ensure that users have safe access to the site. A multi-stack firewalled gateway and 256-bit secure encryption safeguards every online Euteller transaction.

When verifying payments through online banking portals, this payment method uses the same level of security as other central Finnish banks and employs Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). To safeguard the security and safety of its users, Euteller continues to build automated fraud and anti-money laundering procedures.

Safety and security at Euteller
Euteller customer support options

Euteller customer support options

Customer service is available seven days a week from the provider. Customers are served in their native language, which improves the payment experience. The payment process is simple, and the customer support team responds quickly. The assistance desk can be contacted in a variety of ways. However, when employing alternate methods, there are substantial differences in the time it takes to complete specific requests.

Users will find customer service polite and responsive. Minor issues can be addressed by visiting the company's 'Contact Us' website or going through the FAQs. To resolve significant difficulties, customers can phone or send support emails and faxes.

Turku is home to Euteller's customer service staff (Finland). Users can reach out to the team via the contact form, email address, or phone number on the Euteller website. 08:00 to 16:00 EET are the operating hours.

Euteller contacts

Support is accessible in both English and Finnish. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Euteller customer support options