Most Popular Bookies in Austria

Austria is a landlocked country nestled in Central Europe. Thanks to its beautiful Alpine terrain, charming cities, magnificent castles, museums, and parks, it's already on most people's radar. This country is also famous for being a thriving market for online betting sites because most Austrians are passionate about gambling. Fortunately, they have limitless access to land-based and online casinos with a wide range of sports betting markets.

Many Austrians indulge in sports betting because of its high entertainment value. The rush that comes with watching various live sports is matchless, and it's escalated when punters bet on their favorite teams anticipating a victory at the end of each match. Notably, this is not the only aspect that makes the urge to wager on sports irrepressible for many Austrians.

Most Popular Bookies in Austria
Everything you need to know about betting in Austria

Everything you need to know about betting in Austria

Sports betting is convenient and fun. For example, Austria boasts over 400 ski resorts. However, for one to visit them, they have to invest in quality skiing gear such as boots, helmets, jackets, skis, poles, gloves, and goggles, which might be costly. In addition, they have to leave the comfort of their home. On the other hand, with about $10, an Austrian can wager on a football game and enjoy themselves for several hours while still in their living room!

Everything you need to know about betting in Austria
Austrian players' favorite sports to bet on

Austrian players' favorite sports to bet on

Football tops the list of popular sports in Austria. Most punters already have vast knowledge about this sport, making their betting ventures more delightful and rewarding. Some of the football leagues they explore include Erste Liga, Austrian Football Bundesliga, FIFA World Cup, Premier League, and Serie A. Punters in this country take pleasure in betting on winter sports like snowboarding, ice hockey, and skiing. Besides, Austrians wager on other options such as:

  • Motorsports
  • Handball
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Cricket

Esports is another betting market for Austrian bettors, but it's not as popular as traditional options like Football and winter sports. It's safe to say that some punters here are still trying to grasp this video gaming concept. Therefore, those who wager on electronic sports in this country take time to understand them first, which is a smart move.

The most preferred esports betting markets for Austrians include:

  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Starcraft II
  • Rainbow six siege
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Bettors in Austria should always check a bookmaker's sports coverage before registering with it. This lets them know the available markets and decide whether they are enough or ideal, depending on their favorite sports and betting plans.

Austrian players' favorite sports to bet on
Payment methods in Austria

Payment methods in Austria

One of the significant factors contributing to the ever-rising popularity of sports betting in Austria is the provision of many payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals. Punters have the freedom to use options like:

  • EPS
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards (VISA & Mastercard)
  • Sofort/Klarna
  • Giropay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Wire transfers
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)

Some Austrians still find a difficult time deciding on the best payment method to use at online betting sites, despite having so many choices. It's understandable, though. All these options have different attributes that may confuse first-timers.

So, how can one single out the most appropriate payment gateway to leverage at sports betting platforms? It's effortless! The first thing bettors should do is think through their needs. For instance, if they're looking for anonymity, crypto like Bitcoin could be what they require. As soon as they initiate withdrawals, those who want their payouts in their bank accounts should settle for digital wallets for their instant processing times.

The next thing punters in Austria should never ignore when choosing a payment system is secure. Methods with efficient security networks, SSL certificates, stringent verification processes, and secure URLs are a big yes!

Payment methods in Austria
History of betting in Austria

History of betting in Austria

Gambling isn't a recent phenomenon in Austria. Back in the 17th century, farmers and artisans played dice games whenever they were off work. Some nobles were also fond of gambling. For instance, one of this country's most influential composers, Mozart, played betting games. In addition, it's said that the famous Habsburg Maria Theresa invested considerable sums of money in different gambling endeavors.

While most Austrians gambled whenever the opportunity presented itself, this activity was more exhilarating on special days because large audiences would cheer on the bettors. Sometimes, these punters wagered with objects. But this wasn't always the case – some gambled for mere entertainment.

The popularity of gambling in Austria unbelievably increased at the dawn of the 18th century. Various card games emerged and were recognized as civilized. Regional variations were even invented, and all community members began to appreciate this activity, regardless of their social status.

History of betting in Austria
Bookmakers in Austria

Bookmakers in Austria

Soon enough, gambling in Austria was commercialized, prompting the Viennese court to license businesses that provided different card, board, and dice games. These local companies started organizing simple tournaments for punters to participate in. As the government saw how lucrative gambling in this country was, it began imposing taxes on proceeds from commercial gambling undertakings.

The first brick-and-mortar casinos in Austria were established in Baden and Semmering in the early 1930s. But as fate would have it, the operations of Semmering's gambling providers were banned in the late 1930s, only to be legalized again in the 1950s.

In the 1990s, Europe's largest casino, Casino Baden, was rebuilt, welcoming more bettors. That decade also saw Casinos Austria AG establish more land-based casinos to accommodate the country's rapidly growing number of bettors.

By this time, punters were allowed to play the lottery and bet on more casino games. Sports betting was also gaining momentum in this country.

Bookmakers in Austria
Betting nowadays in Austria

Betting nowadays in Austria

Sports betting in Austria is doubtlessly more prevalent and better than decades ago. When Austrians want to gamble, they can walk into a nearby land-based casino. Else, they can place their wagers with online bookmakers.

More often than not, gambling enthusiasts choosing to bet on sports online go for German betting websites because they're most conversant with this language. Besides, most Austrian punters enjoy depositing and withdrawing with payment systems that support the Euro since it conveniently enables them to dodge conversion fees.

Even so, bettors with flexible and large bankrolls don't mind utilizing deposit or withdrawal methods that don't accept the Euro as long as they boast other fantastic features.

Future of betting in Austria

Sports betting in Austria is regulated, and this is unlikely to change. More Austrians are expected to prefer betting on various games online to land-based gaming halls. This is to evade the strict laws governing punters' activities at the latter.

Due to various technological developments, Austrians will continue to expect nothing short of the most recent innovations and features at their online sports betting platforms. Examples include live streaming, even with mobile devices, and in-play betting, which allows them to join in on matches or events at their convenience.

Austrians are set to keep receiving lucrative bonuses from their online bookies. They may even get better deals soon. This is because additional bookmakers are joining the market every day, increasing the competition among these betting companies. Those hoping to get to or remain at the top must lure in as many punters as possible, and one of the top ways to do this is by providing more generous offers.

Betting nowadays in Austria
Betting legislation in Austria

Betting legislation in Austria

Austrian investors planning to establish gambling corporations must apply for a casino license from this country's Ministry of Finance. To be considered eligible for this permit, the casino must:

  • Have its physical premises in Austria.
  • Put various protocols in place to protect sports bettors, such as setting reasonable stakes and time restrictions.
  • Provide its sports betting services to locals alone, exempting international punters.
  • Adhere to this country's gambling tax laws.

It's worth mentioning that Casinos Austria AG is the only corporation that has met these requirements as of this writing, making it a legal monopoly in this European country. But punters still have the freedom to enjoy sports betting services from other sources because no laws stop them from doing so.

Bundesländer Gambling Laws

The local laws regulating betting in Austria vary from one Bundesländer to another. Most of these states have established numerous measures to control sports betting. One is that punters visiting land-based casinos must have a personalized customer card for bets exceeding a particular threshold.

But Bundesländer regulations regarding gambling are not for gamblers alone. Sports betting providers must pay a 2% tax on all stakes, whether land-based or online.

If a betting operator's license is revoked for any reason, they may appeal the act at their Bundesländer's regional administrative courts.

Bundesländer is at liberty to amend their gambling laws if they see fit, and they don't have to match other states'. Notably, betting legislation at the Bundesländer level only applies to punters and operators within the respective territory.

Betting legislation in Austria
Betting acts in Austria

Betting acts in Austria

The federal Gambling act, popularly known as the Glücksspielgesetz (GSpG), is in charge of all forms of betting in Austria, including issuing casino licenses.

For instance, a few years ago, it permitted the Ministry of Finance to provide 15 licenses for different gambling houses. Casinos Austria AG got twelve of them, and the remaining three were given to three more casino operators. However, the latter’s' permits were revoked after violating Austrian betting laws.

According to the GSpG, minors, or those below 18, are prohibited from entering land-based casinos to bet on sports. Casino providers welcoming them could lose their licenses if caught.

Section 168 of the Strafgesetzbuch (StGB), also known as the Austrian Criminal Code, prevents casino operators from promoting sports betting and other gambling activities without a license. Those breaching this rule could be fined up to 60,000 EUR, especially if they provide illegal gambling services.

Betting acts in Austria


What's the age limit for sports bettors in Austria?

Austria's legal gambling age is 18.

Does the Austrian government tax online sports bettors' winnings?

No. The Austrian government doesn't impose any taxes on punters' payouts.

Can Austrian punters bet on mobile?

Yes. Austrian bettors are free to wager on different sports using their smartphones. They are obligated to take various steps to improve their mobile betting experiences. These include selecting betting providers with mobile-intuitive websites and ensuring they have a stable or reliable WiFi network when placing bets.

Are bettors in Austria eligible for bonuses?

Yes. Austrian punters are qualified for offers. But the type of bonus one receives, its amount, and wagering requirements boils down to the platform one picks and its policies.

Should Austrian bettors trust foreign betting platforms?

Punters in Austria should only trust reputable, licensed gambling platforms with various security tools or protocols. Betting at websites without the necessary permits is ill-advised as one risks being defrauded or leaking personal data.

When is the most suitable time to wager on sports online in Austria?

Austrians are free to bet on their favorite sports at any time of the day – one is only required to log in to their betting account.